- Impact posted behind-the-scenes video from Ava Storie's new Halloween photo shoot for Impact.

- Below is the announced line-up for tonight's Impact Wrestling episode:

* X Division Trevor Lee wrestles for The Crash promotion in Mexico

* Global Champion Eli Drake & Chris Adonis vs. Johnny Impact & Garza Jr.

* Moose vs. Bobby Lashley

* Naomichi Marufuji vs. Global Honored Crowned (GHC) Champion Eddie Edwards for Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan

- Impact released the following first look promo and announcement on the Global Forged series that has been airing each Thursday night, continuing on tonight's Impact Wrestling episode:

Global Forged Update

The six competitors that have been selected on Global Forged, continue the battle for an IMPACT Wrestling main roster spot.

Global Forged is lead by Head Trainer Scott D'Amore, who is in search of the next top talent to represent in the IMPACT Zone and worldwide. Global Forged has documented, with last week being the sixth episode, wrestlers from all over the globe come to the Can-Am Dojo in Windsor, Ontario to try to move one step closer to living their dreams.

Last week, we watched as the six competitors, Mike Rolling, Jake Something, MM3, Hakim Zane, Tony Cage, and Mark Wheeler continue on their journey. Jake Something explains how the experience so far has been "a bit eye opening".

"Legitimately a roller coaster of emotions to be honest. One things for sure, it's made me hungrier than ever."

The guys are working with trainer Jon Bolen in the Can Am dojo. Bolen is a veteran of the wrestling business and was a very competitive power-lifter. Bolen is in the these guys faces and pushing them every day to see who cracks and who can handle the grind of the wrestling life.

"It's definitely been a learning experience," said Wheeler. "I now know how hard you really have to work and grind to be where you want to be in professional wrestling."

Cage, who comes from all the way from Brisbane Australia, said he's moved his whole world to Canada for this opportunity.

"This experience has definitely felt like a rollercoaster, you don't know which way it's going to go next. It really tests your morale that's for sure!"

Watch #IMPACTonPOP this Thursday at 8/7c to a brand new episode of Global Forged.