Impact Wrestling Results (10/5): The Road To Bound For Glory Begins, AAA Vs. Impact War, Knockouts

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- We kick things off with a recap of Eli Drake defending his GFW Championship against Johnny Impact from last week. Impact says he wants a one-on-one match against Drake without any friends at ringside.

- Eli Drake and Chris Adonis head to the ring, both in a jovial mood. Drake says tonight is a celebration because he moved into Johnny Impact's "Slam Town" and built his own palace there. Drake says Impact isn't here tonight and doesn't think he's coming back at all. He then recaps last week's match and gives his own jacket the Gravy Train. He then taunts Jim Cornette, who he says is trying to get the title off him, sending him to Mexico, sending him to Japan, but he says the title isn't going anywhere. Drake says he's got the night off and plans to celebrate, but he got Adonis a match tonight, because he can tell Adonis wants to tear into someone. Drake says he doesn't know who the opponent is and Adonis isn't so happy. Out comes Garza Jr. and it looks like we're about to have a match. Adonis isn't in his ring gear as he complains to Adonis about having to wrestle.


Chris Adonis vs. Garza Jr.

Drake joins commentary as we get things started. Adonis using his power early on to keep Garza Jr. down. Garza getting his arm worked off and finally gets to the ropes, climbs up, hurricanrana sends Adonis out to the floor. Garza with a leap over the top rope, clearing out Adonis, he goes for a second jump, but Adonis dodges him this time around. Back from a break, we're in the ring with Adonis hitting a clothesline on his opponent. At commentary, Drake continues to talk about partying and hanging with some ladies, he's giving off very much a Ric Flair like performance tonight. Adonis continues to keep Garza grounded with reverse chinlocks.

Backstage, we see an angry Johnny Impact, despite Drake saying he wasn't supposed to be here. In the ring, Garza gets some momentum with a couple clotheslines. Off come the pants. Drake has bounced from commentary after seeing Impact lurking around. Garza Jr. with a second rope moonsault, misses, and in runs Johnny Impact, going right after Adonis, causing the DQ.

Winner: Chris Adonis via DQ

- Post-match, Impact hammers away on Adonis as Garza tries to calm him down and gets swung on by Impact. Garza seems surprised by this. Out comes Jim Cornette, who books Johnny Impact and Garza Jr. for next week. Drake (while in the front row, eating popcorn) is told he thinks he can stay champion by getting everyone to fight each other, but the winner of Garza Jr. vs. Impact will face him at Bound for Glory on November 5. In the ring, Impact and Garza start shoving each other, Impact throws his sunglasses at him and they start brawling all over the ring as referees struggle with all their might to keep them separated.


- Recap of the issues between Moose and Lashley over the last few weeks. Moose is on the phone with someone (saying he doesn't need their help) and says he going to find Lashley and he's going to finish this.

- Recap of oVe winning the tag titles on last week's show.

- Backstage, Dave and Jake Crist says people have been sleeping for years on them, but they can't sleep any longer.

- LAX Lair, Konnan is in a foul mood because they aren't bringing in the same kind of money now that Ortiz and Santana aren't the tag champions. Konnan says he's gotta figure something out as LAX argues with each other.

oVe vs. John Bolen and Trey Miguel (GWF Tag Titles Match)

Jake starts off running circles around his opponent, landing a huge crossbody off the top rope. Reverse neckbreaker sends his opponent to the outside. Bolen comes charging in, but Jake dodges him, he runs the ropes and suicide dive takes out both opponents. Dave then hits a second rope moonsault to the floor. Bolen in the ring, goes for a suplex, gets kneed in the face, and is sent to the corner. Bolen charges again, gets thrown out of the ring and oVe hits a high/low kick for the win. Quick squash match to help build up oVe.

Winners: oVe via Pinfall


- Recap of El Hijo del Fantasma and Texano Jr. fighting with EC3 and James Storm. Later tonight we will see those groups face off in a tag match.

- Out to the ring comes Sienna (with KM), pinkies up! Sienna says Bound for Glory is coming up soon and she doesn't have a match yet, she finds it kind of weird. Sienna says she's destroyed everyone in the division and that she might have to start fighting guys, which she's totally down to do. Sienna then announces that she's going to be going into the 2017 Impact Hall of Fame and retire as champion. Sienna calls herself the greatest Knockouts Champion of all-time and throws a shot at Gail Kim. Out comes Kim, who asks Sienna if she knows how long she's had to fight to be Knockouts Champion. Kim says she wants her rematch at Bound For Glory because she would have won their last match.

Out comes Taryn Terrell, who gives us a history lesson about her being the longest reigning Knockouts Champion over both Sienna and Kim. Terrell says rather than Kim worrying about the title, how about she beats Terrell first. Enter Allie, who looks a bit anxious. Allie says everyone has their big achievements, but she's Allie! She continues that she's been working really hard and that she deserves a title shot too. Karen Jarrett then joins the party and says nobody will be honoring Sienna for a Hall of Fame induction, but rather she will be defending the Knockouts Title against Gail Kim, Taryn Terrell, and Allie.


- Joseph Park and Grado are at a VIP signing party where Grado is meeting all his fans as Park is collecting the cash. Park hands him some money and bounces, Grado seems modestly happy.

Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley, Andrew Everett vs. Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, Matt Sydal

Konley and Dutt start things off, but things break down fairly quickly with Team Lee taking control of the ring. Team Lee ends up getting tossed to the floor and we see Team Dutt all hit their own moves to the floor: two suicide dives and a moonsault in between them. Back from break, Sydal and Dutt hit dual moonsaults, Sydal with a cover on Konley, only a two count. Big chops by Sydal as he brings in Dutt. Despite having momentum in his favor, Konley gets Dutt in his side of the ring and out to the floor. Lee with a huge kick to Dutt, who gets tossed back in the ring, pin, two.

Everett now in against Dutt, big dropkick, pin, two. Dutt getting worked over big time right now and needs to get out of the ring. He ends up finally getting the momentum in his way by running off two members of Team Lee and hitting a tornado DDT. In comes Petey Williams who cleans house, hitting a side russian leg sleep on Konley, pin, two. Petey goes for a pin, Everett goes for a moonsault, but Williams moves and Everett ends up hitting Konley. Sydal in now, looks to be in trouble as he is able to take out the other team with strikes. Everett stuck on the top rope, Sydal with a nice standing hurricanrana. He jumps back up to the top rope, nails the Shooting Star Press on Everett for the victory.


Winners: Matt Sydal, Sonjay Dutt, and Petey Williams via Pinfall

- Post-match, Dutt says he wants to settle things once and for all against Lee at Bound for Glory. Williams takes the mic and says with all due respect, he wants Lee at the PPV. Sydal says he won't be ignored and he wants a title shot. Now, Team Dutt is arguing with each other that they all deserve a shot!

- New episode of Global Forged, showing off the contenders who want to join up with Impact Wrestling. We see a quick cameo of Santino Marella.

- In Jim Cornette's Office, Sydal, Williams, and Dutt are all arguing that they want a title shot and Cornette just bounces from the chaos.

- Laurel Van Ness is on a motorized scooter, still crazed, still makeup all over her face. She kisses a fan before continues cruising through the crowd.

- Moose shows up at the American Top Team MMA training facility and says Lashley has to finish what he started. Moose walks into the building and goes right after Lashley, who's training inside the cage. Lashley's coach tries to top Moose, but he just gets shoved to the side. King Mo throws a big sucker punch as Lashley throws Moose up against the cage. The entire group beats up on him as the coach yells "Get him!" Eventually, he tells the group to throw him out and Moose gets tossed out on his face. That didn't work out so well.


Texano and El Hijo del Fantasma vs. Ethan Carter III and James Storm

We kick things with Storm and Texano, Storm getting off to a good start with the crowd fully behind him. EC3 holds his hand out, but Storm just stares at him and doesn't tag out, so Texano got in a strike. This time around Storm tagged in EC3 as there's still plenty of tension between these two. Fantasma in now as EC3 hits some big chops, dropping his opponent each time. EC3 goes for a tag and fakes out Storm, EC3 gets in another move, but Storm tags his back to get into the match. Fantasma with a superkick and stomp to the fingers as he bring Texano into the match. Wishbone and dual kicks lead to a pin on Storm, only two.

EC3 tags in as the fresh man and goes to work on Texano with a flapjack. Fantasma with a momentary distraction, EC3 overcomes and hits the TK3 on Texano, two. Fantasma gets into the match and really beats up EC3, move after move keeps him down. Big chop in the corner, followed by double knees sits EC3 down on the mat. EC3 is able to finally return fire with rapid fire chops in the corner, but Texano sneaks in and kicks his leg out from under him to help his partner out. EC3 able to drop Fantasma, but both men are out on the mat.


From the back comes Pagano, who brings James Storm to the ramp just as EC3 looks to tag out. EC3 gets dropped as we head to break. Team AAA has been able to dominate with the arrival with Pagano at ringside. EC3 continues to get destroyed, Fantasma goes for a high risk move, EC3 dodges it and is trying to work his way toward Storm, the crowd clapping along. Storm gets in and multiple right hands, he takes down Fantasma as he pumps up the crowd. Storm block a kick by Texano, throws Fantasma into him, hits a combo move to take out both guys. Pagano jumps on the apron for a quick distraction, double kicks slow Storm down. Knees to the face, EC3 gets bounced off the apron, pin, Storm kicks out! Fantasma goes up top, Storm tosses Texano into his partner and goes up to the top. Storm gets kicked from behind and we get a tower of power with a powerbomb/superplex combo! Pagano tosses EC3 into the ring post. Now everyone is on the floor, Arrow from the Depths of Hell misses and instead hits Texano (they're hitting each other a lot tonight). Storm goes to suplex Fantasma into the ring, Pagano holds Storm's legs though, Fantasma lands on Storm and gets the cheated 1-2-3.


Winners: Texano and El Hijo del Fantasma via Pinfall

- Post-match, Team AAA celebrate in the ring.

- LAX Lair, we see Konnan with a solution to their problem, it's a 51-50 Street Fight against oVe. Things look to be good among the group and it's time to party, again.