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- Recap from the past two weeks of how we got to Johnny Impact and Garza Jr. match for the number one contender spot against GFW Global Champion, Eli Drake. Jim Cornette thinks Drake is trying to keep all of his challengers confused and off-balance so they will go after each other, rather than Drake.

- At Pro Wrestling Noah, we see some of Impact stars performing for the promotion. Eddie Edwards talks about being their champion, while we also hear from Eli Drake and Garza Jr.

- Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash welcome us in to tonight's show with LAX already headed to the ring to talk about their upcoming 5150 Street Fight against the GFW Tag Champions, oVe, at Bound for Glory in November. Konnan says LAX is the "blue pill of wrestling" because "that's why we stay so hard." Alrighty. Santana grabs the mic and says he wants a match right now, he'll do whatever to get a shot at Jake and Dave Crist. Out comes oVe, both of them grab chairs and head into the ring to even things up against the other four LAX members in the ring.

Dave says name the match, Konnan says how about a 5150 street fight? Dave says they've been around the world and it doesn't matter what the match is, they will fight. Konnan responds they fully plan on sending both of them back to Ohio. Diamante gets on the mic and says the match means it's not just against Santana and Ortiz, it's all of them and slaps Dave in the face, who shoves her down to the mat. Numbers game come into play and oVe gets put down. Dave gets a cutter through some chairs, while Jake gets launched up, over the top rope, and down through a table.

- Garza Jr. vs. Johnny Impact in a Number One Contender Match later on tonight.

- Back to Pro Wrestling Noah where we see a Press Conference featuring Eddie Edwaards who says it's a huge honor for him to become champion of this promotion as he was trained by the company. Scott D'Amore talks about how important it is to have partnerships all across the world, also a quick promo by Eli Drake.

- Recap from 2 months ago when Matt Sydal defeated Bobby Lashley at Destination X and American Top Team (who was at ringside) attacked the ref after the match. At AAA TripleMania, Moose and Lashley were in a gauntlet match, and Moose ended up eliminated Lashley, who then attacked him afterwards. Frustrated, Lashley said he was going to go back to MMA and bounce from pro wrestling. We then see Moose and Lashley battle at a recent episode of Impact where Moose was eventually beat down. Then, last week, Moose went searching for Lashley and showed up at American Top Team's training facility. It didn't work out so well though as Moose got completely destroyed by the entire team and tossed out.

- Another...recap from last week when Johnny Impact popped Garza Jr. causing an all out brawl between the two. Jim Cornette then booked their match, which will take place tonight.

Rosemary vs. Anna Harper

Rosemary just smiles and laughs at her opponent and begs her to throw a punch. Rosemary ends up blocking the punch and pops her back. Rosemary charges in, gets an elbow to the face. She recovers quickly and hits The Red Wedding, and wow, that's it!

Winner: Rosemary via Pinfall

- Post-match, Rosemary gets on the mic and says nothing gets her more excited than finding a worthy opponent. "Taya Valkyrie, we implore you, to join us ... and accept a dance with the demon!" Out to the ring comes Taya. Taya gets in Rosemary's face, Rosemary looks away for a moment and then looks to mist Taya, but gets misted herself! The Road to Valhalla lands and Taya laughs as she stands over Rosemary.

- We see Moose get sent packing at American Top Team's training facility. Moose is going back!

- Taryn Terrell heads out to the ring, gets the mic, and demands the crowd cheer for her, but they refuse. Now that she already has a title shot at Bound for Glory, she needs to talk about something more personal, Gail Kim. She wonders why her husband (Bobby) is even married to her. Terrell says they are going to be on a new show after BFG, "Divorce Court." Out comes Gail Kim, who doesn't seem too impressed by Terrell's comments. Taryn looks somewhat scared, but Gail says she doesn't need to worry about fighting, Gail just wants to talk. The psychological games aren't going to work on her and that karma will slap Taryn will get her before she does, but she changes her mind and slaps Taryn right in the face! Gail stomps away as Taryn runs for hills.

- Alberto El Patron talks about how you have to assume responsibility when you're the champion as we hear how he was stripped of the title in the background. It's announced Alberto will be returning at Bound for Glory.

- Backstage, Sienna grabs the mic and says she fully plans on throwing Allie around in her match later tonight. El Texano promotes AAA and Caleb Konley says he's in tonight's match and is doing it for Trevor Lee, we will see them all in tag action later tonight.

- In a parking lot, Grado is having difficulty walking, he starts yelling that he's completely whooped and can't do a single thing more. Joseph Park rolls up in a nice ride with a bunch of ladies, one of which refers to Grado as the "meal ticket." Grado doesn't like this at all and starts yelling as Park bounces.

- We hear from multiple wrestlers as they hype the Bound for Glory PPV.

Sienna, Caleb Konley, and Texano vs. Allie, Dezmond Xavier, and James Storm

Starting off the match is Allie and Sienna, Allie waves to the crowd and Sienna clubs her from behind down to the mat. Sienna throws Allie into the corner, runs in, misses, Allie hits a few strikes before tagging out to Texano. In comes James Storm and Texano tags in Konley almost immediately. Storm initially gets the best of Konley, but he gets beaten down and Texano takes the opportunity to get in the ring and grind away at Storm. Leg lariat by Texano, pin only gets two. Sienna tags herself in and she splashes and kicks away at Storm in the corner. Allie tries to come in, distracts the ref and Team Sienna all claw away at Storm.

Things start to break down as everyone goes after each other, Texano takes a swing at Allie, misses, and gets two knees to the face. Xavier and Konley now in the ring, Storm tries to help out but gets kicked away, Konley with a backhanded slap to Xavier. Xavier goes right around the ring post and kicks Konley in the face. Xavier tries to go up top, Trevor Lee trips him up though. Storm is the legal man though and waits for Konley to turn around. Superkick to the mug, Storm covers, 1-2-3.

Winners: Allie, James Storm, and Dezmond Xavier via Pinfall

- Post-match, Texano stares at Storm before heading to the back.

- We head back to Japan with Eli Drake who will defend his title. Drake says he'll still be champion as he heads to Canada for Bound for Glory. Eddie Edwards talks about what it meant to win the title with Pro Wrestling Noah and he's the first foreigner to do that. He talks about his opponent, Marufuji, and we see a bunch of clips from their match. Edwards eventually wins the match. Garza Jr. then talks about how he plans to represent as he heads to Japan as we see clips from his match.

- Newest episode of Forged, we see a recruit getting chewed out by one of the trainers, John Bolen, about being believable to the crowd. Bolen says he does not worry about kicking people out of his training class. Bolen (who gets bleeped a ton) gives a pep talk to the guys in the class.

- LAX Lair, they discuss their interaction earlier in the night with oVe and are happy they simply accepted without even knowing what they got into. Homicide will join them at Bound for Glory. Beers for everyone!

- Moose is back at American Top Team's facility, this time at night and with former MMA Fighter Stephan Bonnar. The two roll in with some metal pipes.

Garza Jr. vs. Johnny Impact (Number One Contender Match for the GFW Championship)

As expected, plenty of quick back and forth action between these two. Pretty much mirroring each other's moves until we get a stalemate and pause for the pop. Johnny on the floor, Garza hits a suicide dive and chucks Johnny into the steel steps. Johnny recovers, runs towards the steps, jumps off, spins, lands on his feet and pretty much bumps into Garza. Josh Mathews called it a back elbow, which was generous. We head to break.

We come back, action in the ring, Garza pauses the match to lose his pants and then superkicks Johnny, pin, two. Garza with all the momentum right now, but can't close out the match. Johnny trying to get back into this one, back and forth punches, and headbutts (we momentarily see Eli Drake watching this match from Tokyo!) and the two wrestler drop each other simultaneously in the ring. Leg sweep and B-Boy leg drop by Johnny, pin, two. Johnny goes off the top, lands on his feet, catches Garza's legs in the corner, throws them towards the outside of the ring, nice sliding suplex. Johnny goes for another Starship Pain, Garza dodges it, hits a standing moonsault, pin, two.

Garza up top, gets kicked, Johnny with a punch to the face as he climbs up and goes for a superplex, Garza pushes him and Johnn flips away, missile dropkick by Garza, pin, two. Garza with a modified Boston Crab, back and forth counters into pins and Johnny finally gets one that works, 1-2-3.

Winner: Johnny Impact wins via Pinfall to become the Number One Contender for the GFW Championship

- Post-match, Johnny gives props to Garza and they shake hands. Garza raises Johnny's hands as the crowd applauds. Jim Cornette enters the ring to announce Johnny will face Eli Drake in November. Johnny says Eli Drake has been hiding as Chris Adonis jumps into the ring and smacks Johnny over the head with a piece of wood. We see Drake looking from Tokyo with a smile on his face.

- Back to the training facility, Moose and Bonnar decide to leave a message by smashing some glass showcases and take all the tiles inside of it. Bonnar then damages a few of their trophies. The two realize there's tons of merchandise there and they dump all of their shirts on the floor. As they leave, the secretary does nothing but wave to them, fired!