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– Earlier today, we see Moose and Stephan Bonnar roll in with American Top Team’s championship titles. ATT is also in the house tonight with an angry Lashley.

– Recap of last week’s number one contender match where Johnny Impact defeated Garza Jr. Impact will now face GFW Global Championship at Bound for Glory.

Chris Adonis vs. Johnny Impact

Johnny immediately takes down Adonis and lands a huge kick to the face. Elbows to the grounded Adonis, but Adonis fights back. Adonis with a body lock, looking to squeeze all the energy out of Johnny, goes for a pin, only two. Adonis looks for the Adonis Lock shortly after, Johnny starts to weaken as the crowd chants his name. He’s able to fight his way back by flipping his legs over the top rope to force the break.

Johnny with a bunch of punches to the midsection and a kick to the face to finally get some momentum back in his favor. Swinging neckbreaker by Johnny, pin, two. Springboard spinning kick by Johnny, goes for another pin, but another two-count as we head to break. Adonis thought he had Johnny in a tough spot up on the top rope, but gets knocked to the match. Countdown to Impact by Johnny lands, pin, 1-2-3!

Winner: Johnny Impact via Pinfall

– Post-match, Eli Drake tried to jump the challenger, but Johnny was able to take Drake down. He then rips off Drake’s very white pants off and whips him with Drake’s own belt. Adonis finally comes to help out and stomps on Johnny until Drake recovers, the champ then strangles Johnny with his own pants and whips him with the belt a few times until Garza Jr. hits the ring with a chair and clears out Adonis and Drake.

– A reminder that Alberto El Patron will be returning at Bound for Glory.

James Storm vs El Hijo del Fantasma vs. EC3 vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Texano

At the Hard Rock Cafe in Cancun, this match is every man for himself, so despite working together for weeks, we’re seeing things break down within alliances. EC3 works away on Fantasma on the edge of the ring as everyone gets in their shots on each other. Texano and Fantasma start hammering away at each other. EC3 want to get the pin on Eddie Edwards, but things quickly break down again as Storm tries to get the pin. EC3 yells at Storm that he is going to get the pin. The three start fighting until Fantasma jumps back in.

Storm and Texano with huge back and forth punches, Fantasma gets involved and Storm/Exano work together to beat up Fantasma. This is a really weird war. Texano ends up getting the win on EC3 since Team Impact wasn’t working together at all.

Winner: Texano wins via Pinfall

– oVe head back to Tijuana, despite LAX saying not to return. Konnan says he deal with oVe if they put their tag titles up at the next The CRASH event.

– Backstage, after their match, EC3 and Storm argue about losing and Edwards says he’s going to Japan, so the other two need to team up and learn how to work together.

– In Jim Cornette’s office, we see Scott D’Amore, Cornette, and Dan Lambert yelling at each other about what happened at ATT’s facility.

Andrew Everett (with Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley) vs. Dezmond Xavier

Xavier can barely get going before Lee trips him up from the outside, Everett takes advantage and goes for a pin early on. It’s been all Everett so far, but Xavier hits a nice cutter as he tries to get some momentum in this one. Multiple running elbows, he looks to head up to the top, but Konley jumps up on the apron for the distraction, quickly gets knocked off.

Everett sent out to the floor, Xavier with a nice front flip over the top rope to the floor taking out Everett and Konley.
Xavier goes up to the top again, Lee jumps up on the apron and taunts him with the title long enough for Everett to boot Xavier in the head. Xavier recovers, back-handspring kick to the head lands clean and he gets the victory. He then immediately goes back and stares at Lee and his X-Division title.

Winner: Dezmond Xavier vin Pinfall

– During the match, it was announced Taryn Terrell was out of Bound for Glory (not cleared by doctors) and it will now be a triple threat match between Sienna, Gail Kim, and Allie.

– oVe are searching for Konnan, but are told if they want to see him, they have to defend the titles. Dave says that’s no problem to security, “We have a match now, so why don’t you get the f— out of my way?” Okay, then.

– Recap of Grado and Joseph Park’s history. Grado was fully expecting to go back to England, but Park opened up a never division for his company. Grado working for Park will keep him in the U.S. We then see how hard Grado has been working – while not getting paid much – as Park lives it up.

– Grado heads to the ring, he’s heated and demands Park come to the ring. Grado is not happy at all and says “court is in session.” Grado proceeds to lay out the evidence of Park taking advantage of him, overworking him, and taking his money. Park tries to tell a joke and a story, but Grado she’s he just a piece of…yeah. Grado asks the crowd is Park guilty or not guilty, and the crowd says guilty! Park admits that the temptation of cars, money, and women was too strong. Park says if it wasn’t for him and the work visa, Grado wouldn’t even be in this country. Park says he hold the power, but Grado responds if he was any kind of man, he would hand it over to him.

Park thinks about it, holds it out, then takes it away. He says he’s got a better idea, Park says he has a contract for a match between Grado and himself at Bound for Glory. If Grado wins, he can stay, if he loses he’s headed across the pond. Grado immediately agrees and signs it on Park’s back. He then says he’s going to win and continue to live the American dream. Grado goes to leave and Park tells him to hold up one moment because he missed two things. First, he’s in a Monsters Ball Match and it’s against Abyss. The crowd went mild for that announcement.

– Backstage, we see American Top Team hanging out.

– In the parking garage, Grado leaving the arena in a hurry, he can’t believe he signed to face Abyss. He flips on the radio and suddenly Abyss’ music hits. From the back seat comes James Mitchell, who says Abyss and he are going to send Grado straight to to Hell. Grado falls out of the car and runs away.

oVe vs. Black Diamond and Black Danger

Back to Tijuana, Diamond takes out the champs almost immediately as he flips over the top rope to the floor. Jake and Dave get in plenty of double team moves. Dave with a suicide dive on their challengers. Jake then hits a second rope moonsault that mostly overshoots both wrestlers. Jake gets launched up to the air and speared back down to the mat. Dave heads in as Jake tries to recover. Dave sets his opponent up on the top rope and hits a superplex into a powerbomb, pin, Diamond breaks up the pin.

Diamond with a nice springboard cutter, Jake tries to jumps off his brother’s back, but gets caught and powerbombed right back on him. We then see Dave going up to the top rope, gets caught, Diamond tries for a hurricanrana, Jake superkicks him in the face. A spike piledriver ends this one.

Winners: oVe win via Pinfall

– Lashley and American Top Team head to the ring.

– Jeremy Borash in the ring as American Top Team (without Lashley) crashes the ring and shove Borash to the mat. Lambert gets on the mic and says this is not the way this is supposed to go down. Lashley initially worked for this company as a favor to Jeff Jarrett. Lambert say he’s the biggest pro wrestling fan in the building and that he has the largest pro wrestling memorabilia collection. Lambert then shows off some titles that he has that Ric Flair, Bruno Sammartino and the Road Warriors held. Lambert is suddenly a historian of wrestling, the crowd chants “We don’t care” at one point. Lambert shows off some more titles in his collection and calls him the biggest pro wrestling fan in the world title.

Lambert said that Moose and Bonnar poked the bear by trashing their facility. Lambert says he wants King Mo and Lashley to destroy and expose pro wrestling. “It’s a bunch of loud mouth, wannabe tough guys who have no idea how to really fight.” He wants Bonnar and Moose to show up to Bound for Glory to fight Lashley and King Mo. He wants it to be a fight, not a pro wrestling match. He then says it will be quick and it will end Impact Wrestling. Out to the stage comes Moose and Bonnar with all of ATT’s titles. As they head down to the ring, Lashley attacks them from behind. Moose gets thrown into the steel steps, Bonnar has a tough time getting thrown into the ring. Lashley gives both guys a spear as security and referees try to get in the ring. A number of Impact wrestlers head out to the ring, but each of them get destroyed as Lambert commentates annoyingly on the mic. Moose finally gets up and gets speared again, American Top Team celebrates over Moose.

– Back to oVe catching up with Konnan, who’s in a ring with some…dancers? oVe offers up the titles for Konnan to touch for a moment, but really they just want their pay and they will leave Tijuana. Konnan says LAX just wants a match at Bound for Glory and not a thing about money. He says it looks like there’s going to be another problem and a number of wrestlers surround the ring to beat up oVe. Konnan says to clean up the titles because LAX is taking them back at Bound for Glory.

– Recap of Taya Valkyrie debuting on Impact and her issues with Rosemary, along with Valkyrie misting Rosemary.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary

The bell can barely ring before these two are tearing away at each other. Rosemary launches Taya across the ring as she charges into the corner, screaming all along the way. Taya looks a bit stunned as she gets suplexed into the middle of the ring. “Rosemary” chant breaks out from the crowd as Taya heads to the apron. Back and forth chops, Taya tries to get away, Rosemary chases but gets her arm caught and she’s yanked – shoulder first – into the ring post as we head to break.

Action back in the ring, Taya in control, throwing Rosemary into the corner, goes for a submission on the ropes, but Taya shoves her down to the floor. Taya up to the top rope and hits a rough looking crossbody. Both to their feet and Rosemary gets smacked head-first into the ring post. Both in the ring, nice suplex by Taya, Rosemary stuck in the corner. Taya runs full speed with double knees to her opponents face. She goes for it again, Rosemary dodges it and hits a huge release german suplex. Kicks to the head as both are screaming their heads off. Taya with multiple kicks to the chest, Taya taunts, but Rosemary rises up from the mat. Rosemary goes for Red Wedding, no, Northern Suplex into a double stomp to the face, pin, that will do it.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie via Pinfall

– Post-match, Valkyrie goes for a Road to Valhalla, but Rosemary gets away and mists Taya right in the mug. Taya yells in pain as Rosemary grabs the mic. “We have a knack for making each other see red, don’t we?” Rosemary then challenges Taya to a match that could get a little bloody at Bound for Glory.