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- Earlier today, Moose and his coach, Dan Lambert, show up for tonight's show. We also see Moose and Stephan Bonnar enter together. Finally, Johnny Impact makes his way in.

- We're going to have matches from all over the world tonight, starting out in Mexico with AAA. Recap of the Impact vs. AAA war from the past few weeks.

Texano and El Hijo del Fantasma vs. EC3 and James Storm

At a AAA show, Storm and EC3 double suplex Fantasma, early pin attempt, two. All four in the ring now, paired off as EC3 dumps Texano to the outside. Storm punches away at Fantasma, while EC3 hits a suplex in the middle of the ring, goes for another pin, two. EC3 and Storm switch off, EC3 hits a body slam in the ring on Fantasma. Texano hypes up the crowd while his partner gets destroyed in the ring. Fantasma ends up hitting a number of clotheslines on both of his opponents. Texano bring in his trusty rope and wacks EC3. The rope gets put between Storm's legs and he gets yanked to the sky by both Fantasma and Texano, ouch.

Fantasma hits a nice cross body off the top rope, then goes for a suicide dive, but for whatever reason Texano trips him up from the floor. Commentary simply says they must not be on the same page. EC3 looks for the one-percenter, Fantasma with a package piledriver, goes for the pin, Texano throws Fantasma off and goes for the pin himself. Fantasma kicks him in the face! Storm superkicks Fantasma and gets the pinfall victory.

Winners: EC3 and James Storm via Pinfall

- Backstage we see Eli Drake on the phone, while Dutch Mantel asks to speak with him. He says Drake has been missing media calls and promotion for the company. Drake laughs and says the Global Champion is done with the promotion stuff, there's plenty of other people on the roster who could do it and goes back to talking to someone on the phone.

- Dutch Mantel is talking with Scott D'Amore and is not happy with Eli Drake. Jim Cornette comes in and starts saying pretty much the same thing about Drake. D'Amore bounces to make sure we still have a show tonight. Cornette and Drake figure if Impact wins at Bound for Glory this problem will work itself out.

oVe vs. Brett Banks and Phil Atlas (GFW World Tag Championship)

We're in Ontario, Canada and this match is already underway with Dave Crist hammering away at his opponent. Dave keeps kicking Banks off the apron to keep him away. Dave is getting all the offense thus far and finally goes for a pin that gets to two. Banks finally gets in, gets Jake down, and hits not only a suicide dive but a flip over the top to the floor. Banks with a nice cutter off the second ropes, he heads to the top rope and hits an elbow, pin, two. oVe suddenly in trouble with Jake pretty much out of it on the outside. Dave put on the top rope, Banks goes for a hurricanrana, Dave holds him in a tree of woe position, Jake runs in with a Superkick and they nail their double stomp/piledriver combo for the win.

Winners: oVe via Pinfall

- A look back of American Top Team's feud with Stephan Bonnar and Moose. Bonnar isn't worried about the competition and he fully plans to beat them down at Bound for Glory. Bonnar says Lambert is just "milking" Lashley for a paycheck. He then says Lambert can't wrestle or fight, so he buys a big building and has a bunch of other people do it for him and says he's a coward.

- Up later, Moose vs. Lashley and Eddie Edwards defending his GHC title in Japan.

- Eli Drake is asked to do a 45 second interview and Drake says he's busy, but he'll get to it when he's ready.

Eddie Edwards vs. Marufuji (GHC Championship)

Okay, now we're in Japan with Pro Wrestling Noah to see this championship match. Evenly matched offense to start things off. Josh Mathews gives some background on the Japanese crowd and how they tend to observe and take in the action, as opposed to the more raucous crowd in Mexico, thanks Josh. Marufuji with a number of strikes, but Edwards dodges them all. Both counter release suplexes, Marufuji with a kick and a side suplex. Another superkick to Edwards who shakes it off and hits a clothesline.

Marufuji gets dumped to the outside, Edwards goes for a dive and gets stopped with a boot to the head. Marufuji pulled away the padding on the floor, both counter each other's moves. Edwards drapes Marufuji on the barricade, Edwards with a suicide dive all the way to the floor and has a pretty nasty landing on his head. Match continues with the two on the apron, piledriver by Marufuji, yikes. We're seeing highlights of this match, so suddenly they are on the top rope, Marufuji hits the Spanish Fly, pin, two! Edwards hits a running knee, pin, two. Powerbomb and then an underhook cradle powerbomb by Edwards, pin, two! Die Hard Flowsion to get the 1-2-3.

Winner: Eddie Edwards wins via Pinfall

- Later, Johnny Impact and Garza Jr vs. Chris Adonis and Eli Drake.

- oVe talking about how they're getting real sick of LAX and that to fight a family, they need to bring in family. We see someone's arm (most likely Sami Callihan), and they give a thumbs down.

- McKenzie Mitchell finally tracks down Drake and wants to know what his thoughts are about his upcoming tag match. Drake says he's busy, but in wrestling there's too many people who are style over substance, that's exactly what Garza and Impact are. He sends Mitchell on her way.

- In the crowd at the Impact Zone, we see Laurel Van Ness quite drunk, still looking for a man. A kid attempts to take her champagne.

Petey Williams vs. Tarik vs. Keo Mia vs. Idris Abraham

We find ourselves now in Canada, Petey Williams is the crowd favorite. Abraham and Williams getting most of the offense in this one early on. Williams looks to hit the Canadian Destroyer, but gets rolled up. Abraham with a nice suicide dive on the outside. Williams with plenty of rapid fire offense, goes for a pin, two. Action all over the place by all four wrestlers. Petey Williams powerbomb, goes for Canadian Destroyer, Tarik counters. Williams goes for a third Canadian Destroyer, finally gets it, and picks up the win.

Winner: Petey Williams via Pinfall

- Eli Drake talks about Chris Adonis' attack on Johnny Impact, when he smacked him in the head with a piece of wood. Drake says Johnny is getting preferential treatment, while he still didn't get any, even after being with the company after 2 and a half years. Johnny says him and Garza are high flying specialists and one thing they don't like is seeing each other getting hit in the back. Both Drake and Johnny promote their upcoming title match at Bound for Glory.

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis vs. Johnny Impact and Garza Jr.

Johnny getting tons of support from the crowd in this one. Drake and Adonis work away at him though, Drake with some cheap shots from the corner. Drake gets in for a moment, mocks the crowd's "Let's go Johnny!" chant and brings Adonis back in. Adonis with a leg drop, chop, and body slam before looking to the crowd. He then clocks Garza off the apron before going back to Johnny. Johnny tries to fight back, but a clothesline by Adonis halts that. Drake in now and he jams his shoulder into Johnny's midsection over and over in the corner.

Johnn continues to get destroyed, until he's able to roll away from both of his opponents, bringing Garza who clears out Adonis. He then stops Drake - off come the pants - and he hits a superkick on the champ. Double standing moonsault on Drake, Garza goes for the pin, two. Garza heads up to the top, Adonis with a quick distraction. Drake runs and leaps to the top rope, hits a superplex, pin, two. Back from break, it's Garza and Drake in the ring. Drake using power moves to slow down his opponent, awkward power slam, pin, two. Garza able to get away and tag in Johnny who goes to work on Adonis. Nice springboard corkscrew by Johnny on Adonis. Drake jumps in the ring, Garza sends him to the floor, Drake catches his baseball slide and drops him on the barricade. Drake holds Johnny, Adonis charges in and mistakenly hits Drake off the apron and on the barricade. Johnny able to roll up a distracted Adonis and gets the pin.

Winners: Johnny Impact and Garza Jr. via Pinfall

- We're heading to Tijuana, Mexico at The Crash with X-Division Champion Trevor Lee. The champ is really confused as his face isn't anywhere in the arena.

Trevor Lee vs. Ultimo Ninja (X-Division Championship)

At The Crash, Lee is defending his title as he goes right to work on his opponent. Both head to the floor and Ultimo beats away at Lee. Ultimo throws him back in the ring, Lee hides behind the ref and gets a punch in. He hops to the apron and hits a huge kick on his opponent. Action back in the ring, Lee tosses his opponent head-first into the top turnbuckle. Lee goes for a lazy pin, doesn't get three, talks to the ref about how to count to three. Ultimo bounced up and over the ropes, heads to the top, missile dropkick, pin two. Ultimo with a moonsault off the top rope, Lee gets his foot up and hits his opponent right in the face. Lee with a double foot stomp, pin, and gets the win.

Winner: Trevor Lee via Pinfall

- New Global Forged episode, where some people will get eliminated. Two finalists will be picked, which can been seen on Impact Wrestling's YouTube.

- Interview with King Mo, who called Moose a joke, especially for pushing Dan Lambert and disrespecting his "home." That's why he threw a big punch on Moose. Mo had enough once he found out Moose and Bonnar came in to American Top Team's facility and stole their titles. He doesn't plan on letting this slide.

Lashley (with Dan Lambert) vs. Moose (with Stephan Bonnar)

Moose is not in a good mood as he gets in Lashley's face before the match gets going. Moose with some big punches and elbows right off the bat, Lashley gets dropkicked to the mat. Huge chops by Moose, crowd is really into this one. Moose continues to go to work until Lashley gets in him the throat to give himself some breathing room. Moose recovers, and puts Lashley up on the top rope, nice dropkick sends Lashley all the way to the floor, Lambert checks on his guy as we go to break.

Back from break, action on the floor, Moose suplexes Lashley. Lashley in the ring, Lambert grabs and yanks Moose to the floor. While the referee pays no attention at all to Lambert, he puts his foot on Moose's neck. Bonnar yells at the referee to do something, but doesn't go over himself. Lashley taunts the crowd and slams Moose's head on the steel steps. Moose tossed into the ring, Lashley stomps away at his opponent's limbs. Lashley takes a quick water break before hitting a neckbreaker, pin, two. Lashley continues to keep his opponent grounded, punches to head as Moose calls for more of them.

Moose finally gets in some offense, big splash in the corner, running dropkick. Lashley's eye is hurt and lambert hits Moose with his trophy, causing a DQ. Bonnar finally jumps in the ring and gets after Lashley. Lambert almost hits him with the trophy, but Bonnar catches him. American Top Team runs in and nearly finishes off Bonnar. Moose in with a chair to clear the ring and powerbombs one of the guys on the entire group.

Winner: Moose via DQ

- Moose then grabs the mic, says "b----" a bunch of times, and demands their Bound for Glory tag match be a Six Sides of Steel match.

- Random promo for oVe and LAX's 5150 Street Fight at Bound for Glory, Konnan says LAX will send them back to the trailer parks they came from.