Jerry Lawler Talks Kurt Angle's In-Ring WWE Return At TLC Last Sunday

Kurt Angle's return to in-ring competition on Sunday at TLC was well-received by fans and fellow wrestlers, as he held his own in limited action. During his latest Dinner With The King podcast, Jerry "The King" Lawler discussed Angle's comeback and revealed it wasn't in WWE's original plans to have him wrestle again.

In his first match in the WWE in 11 years, Angle teamed with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to defeat the team of The Miz, Braun Strowman, Kane, Sheamus and Cesaro in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. He took a hard bump when Strowman powerslammed him through a table and sent him to the locker room before he returned towards the end of the match to pick up the win.

Angle was inserted into the match at the last-minute after Roman Reigns was removed from the pay-per-view due to a viral infection. Lawler said that Angle's contract when he first returned as the General Manager of RAW didn't include plans for him to wrestle any time soon.

"Kurt and I talked at-length about that [in the past], how much he wanted to still wrestle with WWE," Lawler said. "He was happy with the contract and happy to be back with the WWE, but he was not crazy about the fact, I guess they had already told him that they didn't think they wanted him to do things like get in the ring and wrestle. I know he was lobbying for that [to wrestle] and I know he really wanted to do that. I'm happy for Kurt."

It is unclear when and if Angle will wrestle again, as it was reported earlier this week that Sunday's appearance was a one-off deal. But Angle did prove that he does have something left in the tank, so it's possible he'll perform in another match down the line.

You can listen to the full podcast below:

Source: Dinner With The King


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