Earlier this month, Jim Cornette and Santino Marella were involved in a heated argument at a wrestling convention. Marella has since issued a lengthy open letter explaining the incident, and Cornette responded on Thursday on his Talking Sense podcast.

Video emerged of Cornette and Marella in an argument in which Marella called Cornette "a racist mother f***er." Cornette said he slapped Marella multiple times in the past and will do it again. The two of them have legitimate heat stemming from 2005 when Cornette legitimately slapped Marella in OVW, WWE's developmental promotion at the time, which led to Cornette losing his job as booker for OVW.

In the open letter that Marella sent to Live Audio Wrestling, he claimed that Cornette had called him and left him a scathing message. Cornette refuted that accusation, but now believes he may have left the message even though he has no memory of doing that.

"I may have very well called Santino Marella and left him a nasty message (laughs)," Cornette said. "As I said, I have no memory of this and I've never had this guy's phone number, etc., etc. But he gave more details, he said that a friend of his immediately texted him afterwards and said, "Oh my God, dude, I didn't know he was going to do that." ... So apparently by that evidence I'm able to at least entertain [that I did that]."

Cornette said he regularly gets approached by fans at wrestling conventions and sometimes they ask him to cut a promo on a friend over the phone. He said it's possible someone approached him and offered him the chance to cut a promo on Marella. Cornette maintains that he doesn't actually remember leaving the message, but he admits that it's possible that he did.

"So I assume now, since I have no memory of this because it was so important to me, that some knucklehead came up [to me] and said 'Hey, I've got Santino Marella's phone number,'" Cornette said. "At which point did he ask me to cut a promo on him, or he thought I wouldn't do it, or was I in a grumpy mood, or did I even believe it? I don't f***ing know because I don't remember it. But it is a correction that I will admit that I could've happened."