Joey Ryan On WWE Pay Vs. Indies, John Cena Vs. Chris Jericho Full Match, WWE Themed Horror Movies

- Above, John Cena faced World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho at Survivor Series in 2008. Using the Attitude Adjustment, Cena was able to get the win and the title.

- With Halloween just around the corner, WWE looked at classic horror movies with a WWE twist to them. The group included: Night of the Living Deadman, Braun of the Dead, WWE's Doink, Evil Dean, The Eater of the Worlds, and The Ring.

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- A fan asked about Joey Ryan pitching an idea to WWE, if he goes there. Ryan responded "Imagine me telling my wife I'm going to cut my income by two-thirds and move us to Florida, just to be with WWE." Another fan questioned that decision, to which Ryan said he prefers to bet on himself in the indies, rather than someone else doing it in WWE. Colt Cabana also chimed in saying on the indies, the person in power position is the fans, which is wrestling's truest form.


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