Kevin Owens Responds To Randy Orton's Shot About His Diet, Breezango Gets Scared, Creepy WWE Stars

- Above is Breezango doing a parody of the Blair Witch Project, calling it The Fashion Police Project. The Ascension and Tye Dillinger also make an appearance as the guys look for "Mittens," Fandango's lost cat.

- WWE posted a gallery of their 50 scariest Superstars including The Boogeyman, The Undertaker, Papa Shango, Bull Nakano, The Swedish Angel, Kane, and others.

- As noted, Randy Orton headed to McDonalds and took a shot at Kevin Owens in the process via his Instagram. Orton wrote he "needed the calories" and was "training for a potential confrontation with Kevin Owens." Within the comments, Kevin Owens responded saying he's also preparing for a feud, "I watched paint dry today. I've got you all figured out."


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