Kurt Angle On Where He Is Among The Best, Jinder Mahal With Former WWE Announcer, Funny Kane Moments

- Above is WWE's latest Top 10 featuring Kane's funniest moments. The group includes Kane working at a concession stand, hugging it out with Daniel Bryan, and doing The People's Elbow.

- During a Q&A on his Facebook page, Kurt Angle was asked where he places himself among the best wrestlers of all-time. Angle responded that including everything he did in TNA and Japan, he's right at the top.


"At the very top," Angle said. "Yes, I feel that way. It kind of sucks that my matches in TNA were just as good as the ones in WWE, but the WWE Universe didn't see them. If you add my 11 years in TNA/Japan, plus my 7 year WWE run, then yes. I think most would agree with that. But, we all have our own opinions. That's what is fun about debating. Hearing others' opinions on it."

- Last night, Jinder Mahal appeared at the 2nd Annual David Alan Fashion Show along with former WWE Announcer/Interviewer Johnathan Coachman. Coach got together with the WWE Champion and also hung out with The New Day. Mojo Rawley was there as well, sporting a pink (Zubaz inspired) suit.