A video opens the show hyping tonight’s matches and recapping the start of Ultima Lucha Tres.

Matt Striker and Vampiro check in on commentary. Taya and Sexy Star make their entrances.

Last Luchadora Standing Match:
Sexy Star vs. Taya

Taya tackles Star before punching her several times. Star kicks Taya in the face. Star hits a huricanruna on Taya. The fight spills to ringside. Taya slams Star into some fencing several times. Taya slams Star’s head off the announce table. Star dodges an attic attempt by Taya before kicking her several times. They exchange slaps to the face. Star slams Taya into a door. Star slams Taya’s head into some fencing near the announce table. Taya is busted open. Star breaks a beer bottle over the head of Taya. Star sets up a table. Star slams Taya’s head off the table. Taya regains control and slams Star’s head off the table. Taya chops Star several times. Taya pulls another table out and sets it on top of the first one. They exchange side kicks. The fight spills into the upper section of the crowd. They exchange strikes. They both end up crashing through the two tables that were set up earlier. The referee starts counting. Star barely beats the ten count for the win.

Winner: Sexy Star

Pindar, Vibora & Drago (with Kobra Moon) are introduced in the ring. The Mack, Killshot & Dante Fox make their entrance.

Lucha Underground Trios Championship Match:
Drago, Pindar & Vibora (c) vs. The Mack, Killshot & Dante Fox

The Mack attempts to start the match, Fox tags himself in immediately though. Pindar starts the match for his team. Fox eventually connects with a kick to the head of Pindar. Fox hits a huricanruna on Pindar. Killshot tags in. Vibora tags in. Vibora hits a double chokeslam on Fox and Killshot. Drago is tagged in. Drago kicks Killshot several times. Drago hits a huricanruna on Killshot. Drago hits a Spinning DDT from off the top rope on Killshot. Pindar is tagged back in. Killshot ducks a clothesline attempt by Pindar. Pindar hits a powerslam on Killshot. Pindar hits a cutter on Killshot. The Mack breaks up a pin attempt by Pindar on Killshot. The Mack is tagged in. The Mack strikes Vibora to take him off the apron before clotheslining Pindar. The Mack hits an Insiguri on Drago. The Mack connects with a knee strike to Pindar. The Mack hits a Standing Moonsault on Drago. Vibora connects with a boot to the face of The Mack. Vibora hits a double clothesline on Fox and Killshot. The action spills out of the ring. Fox eventually hits a moonsault off the apron on Pindar. Drago hits a Suicide Dive to the outside on Fox. Vibora clothelines Killshot in the ring. The Mack hits a shoulder block on Vibora. Pindar kicks The Mack. The Mack headbutts Pindar. The Mack sets Pindar on the top turnbuckle, Pindar pushes him away. Fox hits a Spanish Fly on Pindar. The Mack hits a Stunner on Pindar. Killshot hits a Double Stomp from off the top rope on Pindar. The Mack pins Pindar for the win.

Winners: The Mack, Killshot & Dante Fox

Son Of Havoc and Pentagon Dark make their entrances.

Gift Of The Gods Championship – Ladder Match:
Pentagon Dark vs. Son Of Havoc

Pentagon superkicks Havoc. Havoc kicks Pentagon in the face. Pentagon rolls out of the ring. Havoc hits a Senton to the outside on Pentagon. Havoc sends Pentagon into a Ladder at ringside. Havoc slams Pentagon’s head off the announce table. Havoc throws a Ladder at Pentagon. Havoc attempts to bring a Ladder in to the ring, Pentagon pulls it to strike Havoc in the face. Pentagon drops a Ladder on the back of Havoc. Pentagon puts four more Ladders in the ring. Pentagon sets a Ladder up in each corner of the ring. Havoc elbows Pentagon, which sends him into a Ladder. Havoc hits a springboard crossbody on Pentagon. Havoc grabs a steel chair and sets it up in the ropes in the corner, replacing the Ladder that was previously set up. Havoc sends Pentagon’s face into the chair. Havoc sets a Ladder up in the center of the ring. Pentagon strikes Havoc with the steel chair. Pentagon grabs a table and sets it up in the ring. Pentagon chops Havoc. Pentagon sets Havoc on the table. Pentagon starts ascending a Ladder in the corner, Havoc gets up. Havoc hits a Back Suplex on Pentagon off that Ladder through the table. Havoc goes for a Shooting Star Press from off the top turnbuckle, Pentagon catches him with a Cutter. Pentagon brings several steel chairs into the ring. Pentagon sends Havoc out of the ring. Pentagon attempts a Suicide Dive to the outside, Havoc hits him in the face with a steel chair. Havoc gets back in the ring. Havoc sets up four steel chairs in the ring. Pentagon eventually hits a Package Piledriver on Havoc through the steel chairs. Pentagon bridges a Ladder from the second rope to the Ladder in the center of the ring. Pentagon grabs another table and sets it up in the ring. Pentagon and Havoc fight on top of the bridged Ladder. Pentagon throws Havoc off the Ladder and through the table. Pentagon goes to the top of the Ladder and grabs the title for the win.

Winner: Pentagon Dark