Mick Foley On Stephanie McMahon Writing The Foreword To His Book

On his website, Mick Foley wrote about Stephanie McMahon writing the foreword to his upcoming book, Saint Mick. Here are some of the highlights:

Picking Stephanie to write the foreword to his book:

"Writing the foreword to a book is a pretty big deal. I guess I should be honest and tell you that Stephanie McMahon was not my first choice when it came to writing the foreword for SAINT MICK. She was my only choice. While we may have bickered on the air saying terrible things about each other in the hope of creating good TV behind the scenes, Stephanie was my weekly sounding board for my book, and her interest and encouragement helped convince me that this very personal memoir might just deserve a wider audience than the 100 people I had planned to self-publish it for."

His reaction after reading it:

"I didn't like Stephanie's foreword, though. I loved it! While I have no doubt she could have produced a fine forward in 90 minutes, while watching TV, the hard work she put into creating this generous piece of writing (that's what my publisher called it a generous piece of writing) is so obvious, is such a great addition to my book and so greatly appreciated. I teared up when I read it, then teared up again when I read it to my wife who teared up as well. 'Mick, that's really beautiful,' my wife said. 'And she obviously worked very hard on it.' She certainly did. First drafts. Proofreading. Edits. In the end, it was worth the wait, and I will forever be grateful to Stephanie McMahon for going so far above and beyond both the call of duty, and my expectations to produce something so eloquent and beautiful."

What he thinks of her, as a person:

"Stephanie McMahon is great. Not 'great' as a synonym for 'cool' or 'awesome' or great with an exclamation point behind it in a text message to convey happiness in a single word. Stephanie is great in the sense that she possesses qualities of true greatness, with the potential to accomplish truly great things in her lifetime."

You can check out his entire blog entry by clicking here.

Source: RealMickFoley.com


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