More On Jeff Jarrett Incident With Independent Promotion Over The Weekend

Earlier we reported on Impact Wrestling today terminating its business relationship with Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Entertainment, Inc. New details have emerged about an incident involving Jeff Jarrett at a Real Canadian Wrestling (RCW) independent show over the weekend.

Sources say Jarrett didn't appear to be in condition to perform when he wrestled a 25-minute main event in Calgary at the show on Friday night. His performance was so lackluster that some of the people in attendance walked out of the main event before it was over.

Jarrett was scheduled to appear at RCW's show the following night in Edmonton. RCW took to its Facebook page to offer this update for the people who were planning on attending the show:

JEFF JARRETT will not be appearing at Rise of Legends: War Games tonight in Edmonton.

RCW has the unfortunate news to report that Jeff Jarrett will be not appearing at tonight's event in Edmonton due to reasons beyond the company's control as Jeff Jarrett has boarded a plane and left the country on his own accord this morning. Jeff Jarrett did appear last night in Calgary at the RCW event but again has chosen to leave the country due to his own issues.

There will be a special announcement at the start of tonight's event to explain the situation and details of Jeff Jarrett's cancellation.

After returning to the company in January, Jarrett took an indefinite leave of absence from his position as Chief Creative Officer of Impact Wrestling on Sept. 5 "to focus on personal matters." Here's the statement from Impact on Jarrett's termination:


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