More Videos And Details From Jim Cornette - Santino Marella Incident At Wrestling Convention

Above and below are more videos of Jim Cornette and Santino Marella having a heated argument at yesterday's XICW Cobo Legends Convention in Detroit, Michigan. Both men have heat dating back to 2005 when Cornette legitimately slapped Marella in OVW for laughing at The Boogeyman when he was supposed to be scared of him. OVW was WWE's developmental promotion at the time, and Cornette was fired as the booker of OVW for the incident.

In the video above, which contains a lot of strong language, Cornette says that he slapped Santino several times in the past and will do it again. Santino then called Cornette "a racist mother f---er," which led to Cornette asking Santino if he was "delusional."

Wrestling Inc.'s Dennis Farrell was at the convention and witnessed the entire incident. The altercation started with Cornette and Santino actually shaking hands. Santino then got in Cornette's face and asked him to tell him what he really thought about him. Cornette then started yelling and it got heated.

Santino tried to walk out after the altercation, but a crowd of people gathered around him. Both Santino and Cornette were asked to leave. Cornette stated on Twitter that he left the convention on his own.

The video below is footage of security dealing with Cornette and Santino:


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