MVP Reveals His Favorite Wrestling Company; Talks Problems With TNA, Why Wrestling Needs TNA, More

Speaking on The Roman Show recently, former WWE superstar MVP discussed his time wrestling with New Japan Pro Wrestling. In the discussion, the current NJPW star recalls an instance in 2011 when he suggested that the Japanese promotion expanded into the United States.

"I remember having a meeting with president Naoki Sugabayashi in 2011 and I pitched New Japan World back then because there is a huge English speaking audience that wanted access to the product," MVP recalled. "I guess it was just matter of timing."

MVP, who spent two years with the company after leaving the WWE, believed that bringing NJPW to the US would be huge success. Whether or not the early 2010's would have been the opportune time for the business to expand, his suggestion surely would be profitable today.

Earlier this year, NJPW held two shows in California that were met with praise from fans and critics alike. MVP believed without a doubt that brand would find success in the North American market. Judging potential fan response by looking purely at merchandise, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who would disagree.

"You can't go to a wrestling show without seeing a Bullet Club t-shirt," he noted.

Though NJPW and their roster are hugely popular today, MVP notes that the same scenario wasn't the case only a few years prior.

"I am proud to say that when I quit WWE and went to Japan, a lot of people didn't know there was pro wrestling in Japan unless you were a hardcore wrestling fan."

MVP worked for TNA for a small time and is now working the independent circuit. MVP discussed the current state of Impact Wrestling.

"I don't know what to say about them," MVP admitted. "It's constant mismanagement. Some of he greatest talent came from there, guys like Samoa Joe, A.J. Styles, Bobby Roode. You have all these guys that aren't there anymore. TNA was must successful under Jeff Jarrett's leadership. Under Dixie Carter, it spiraled under. I was hoping Jeff Jarrett would raise it, but I don't know, it remains to be seen.

"Our industry needs TNA. I never understood fans that hoped TNA goes out of business. We need a strong solid company for guys to continue to work that can make money and do well. That's just stupid to me. I don't like orange soda, but I don't wish Sunkist goes out of business. I just don't drink it."

While he's wrestled for a number of promotions, but there's only one he covets most.

"New Japan is my personal favorite wrestling company. Working there was my dream. It was my dream to wrestle in the Tokyo Dome. I am happy the WWE Universe is being exposed, in my opinion, to the best wrestling on the planet."

Source: The Roman Show


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