Natalya On Drama With WWE Star During China Tour, How Tyson Kidd Likes New WWE Role, Her PPV Record

Scott Fishman has a new interview with Natalya, who was promoting Sunday's Hell In A Cell pay-per-view and the new season of Total Divas, which premieres on November 1st on E! Below are a few highlights:

Having backstage drama with Lana during the recent WWE tour in China, which will be featured on the new season of Total Divas:

"I was ready to bodyslam her in China. She was asking way too many questions."

Tyson Kidd returning to Total Divas:

"Tyson came back to the show and jumped into a new role in WWE that he loves. So, we are both in happy places. But the first time I met Brie and Bryan's Birdie I was telling my husband, 'So much has changed for us. Birdie almost makes me want to have a baby.' Granted, I'm not in that place in my life yet, but Birdie is like no other baby I ever met. She is the best of Bryan and Brie. She is just so good-natured. I've never seen her cry. She could give any girl baby fever."

Setting a WWE women's record with this Sunday's WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view:

"Come Hell in a Cell, I would have had the most pay-per-view matches out of anyone in WWE history. I will surpass Trish Stratus' record. To know how hard I worked, and to get this opportunity, it's so great because 100 or so episodes later you see me achieve my dream. It's a great message for men and women alike that if you believe in yourself and don't give up, no matter how many times you want to throw in the towel, you can reach your dreams. Everything you ever wanted to happen can. You just have to keep going."

Natalya also discussed her friendship with Carmella, being afraid of heights, working with Nia Jax on Total Divas and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: TV Insider


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