NXT Star Celebrates Anniversary, Kane's Surprising Returns, WWE Shop Adds Retro WCW PPV Shirt

- Above and below are previous times Kane made his return to WWE. The first is during a Battle Royal on Raw in 2005 and the second is in 2006 when he went after Umaga, saving Ric Flair in the process.

- WWE has added a Halloween Havoc retro shirt to WWE Shop as they continue to utilize WCW PPV names. This comes after WWE named a November 25 live event, Starrcade, and their upcoming NXT TakeOver show, WarGames.

- On his Instagram, NXT Star, Aleister Black, mentioned that today is his one year anniversary with NXT. Previously known for years as Tommy End, Black is currently feuding with The Velveteen Dream.

Exactly one year ago today I started a mass, a Black Mass, in the WWE.

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