Randy Orton On Why He Gave Aiden English So Much Offense During Their SmackDown Live Match

On the latest episode of E&C's Pod of Awesomeness, Randy Orton spoke with Edge and Christian about the impact that the tag team's influence had on The Legend Killer's career.

"If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here," the Viper admits, acknowledging that the Ontario natives instilled a confidence in Orton that has contributed to his success in the ring today. Orton discusses how significant working with the veterans was, noting specifically his feud with Christian over the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

"That run in 2011 really helped me out in many aspects. Confidence in the ring, everything. Even that period, that late in my career, I still didn't have the most confidence. I'd be down on myself sometimes. You guys were always good about talking me up. I appreciate everything you guys have done for me, especially Jay in 2011."

Christian reciprocated the gratitude, stating that although he had more experience, The Apex Predator still taught him a lot about pacing a match.

"You still taught me that, even though I had been in the business so long, that we could slow it down even further," Christian said. "Even though I was putting the majority of the matches together, I was learning from you in those ways, and what we put together here could get a better reaction."

Edge reminiscences about his partnership with Orton in Rated-RKO, claiming that he now "feels like a proud uncle" watching his former teammate continue to succeed.

Orton recalls his time working with Edge and Christian fondly, claiming that it was because of their guidance that Orton is now able to assume the same role for today's younger superstars. In one example, Orton discusses his two recent matches with former Vaudevillian Aiden English. Though these bouts were not the primary focus of the storyline, Orton made the most of the opportunity showcase his opponent.

"He got a rub from that match because of how I sold for him," Orton said. "I was able to give him a great set of heat on me, have him reverse out of some stuff that no one has ever anyone done to me before…he was very appreciative and thankful, and I could tell he knew that I was trying my best to give him as much as I could, given the circumstances. And I'm only like that because of guys like you and Adam that taught me that earlier in my career."

Orton continues: "I saw how I needed to be later in my career when I had the power to help guys and I find myself in those shoes now. It's very rewarding to work with newer guys."

Throughout the conversation, the three were in agreement that when the veterans mentor and support younger talent's success, it's best for everyone.

"That helped me, working with you guys, to realize what I needed to do to make the show better. To better the business. it's a great feeling when they do what your suggestions are, and it works, and they're grateful for it."


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