Roman Reigns And Nia Jax Updates

Two weeks ago, owner Raj Giri broke the news that the WWE was testing Raw superstars for the mumps. Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas were among those infected, and Reigns and Wyatt were removed from TLC due to the illness, causing major changes to the pay-per-view, including the addition of Kurt Angle. Mumps symptoms usually take 16-18 days to appear and then the infection usually takes several days to a week to disappear. It's unclear how much time is needed to completely recover from an illness like that in order to be deemed fit to compete in the ring.

According to PWInsider, Roman Reigns is still not cleared for action and won't be at this week's TV or the upcoming European tour. Initially, The Shield were scheduled for multiple live events on the overseas tour, but that was switched to Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins defending their Raw Tag Team Titles. The hope is that he'll be healthy by the time Survivor Series comes around.

According to PWInsider, Nia Jax - who has been off TV the last few weeks - is scheduled to be at tonight's Raw. The reason for her missing time was due to a lingering back issue. The initial reports of her storming out and being unhappy with WWE were reportedly overblown, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, while Sports Illustrated maintains that there was more to the story.

Source: PWInsider


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