– As Marc mentioned earlier, TMZ Sports caught up with former UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey and her husband, UFC Heavyweight Travis Browne. TMZ Sports asked Rousey about working with WWE. Rousey said that she doesn’t want to ruin anything, and it’s better as a fan not to know. Browne seemed to suggest that he might work with WWE as well.

“We’ll see, we’re still making decisions on my part,” Browne replied, when asked if he would be making a WWE appearance in the future. “We’ll see where I go in the future. I’m not gonna say no!”

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The Scottish Sun has a story here about Stephanie McMahon talking about WWE bringing RAW and SmackDown back to Scotland. WWE held tapings for both shows in the country last year, but their return to Scotland next month will be for live events.

“The unique thing we have is that we don’t stay in one place, we go to make it easy for our fans. TV will absolutely happen again [in Scotland],” Stephanie said. “It is an extra level experience when it’s live, there’s nothing else like it and we’re just looking forward to coming back.

“There will be Scottish champs in future if they have what it takes like Drew [McIntyre]. Our recruitment strategy has led us to discovering many Scots talents.”