Sami Callihan On Rumors Of Neville's WWE Departure, His Match With MVP At "MLW: One Shot"

Early in October, Major League Wrestling hosted their first show in over a decade, MLW: One Shot. Last week, Sami Callihan, who went one-on-one with MVP, dropped by the Wrestling INC podcast this week.

As a fan of MLW, taking part in the show was a huge honor for Callihan.

"That MLW show was something special," Callihan said. "I remember going back and watching when I was in high school. I used to get all of the MLW DVDs from Suncoast video, when people still used to go and buy their own DVDs. I remember the Extreme Horsemen, I remember all my favorite ECW guys, I remember seeing all of the top indie guys. And MLW, at one point, was my favorite promotion to watch. Getting a chance to be part of the rekindled MLW was something really awesome, really special, and I think they're onto something."

When asked if he thought the show was a success, he was very pleased with the results.

"It went amazing," Callihan said. "Usually shows in Orlando suck. I'm not gonna lie: it's hard for a company to draw a show in Orlando. I don't know if they don't know how to advertise, I don't know if they just don't book the right talent, but this place was packed to the gills and it really looked awesome on camera. I'll compare it to an old school tv taping setup, where they just pack as many people as they can into this small building and made it look amazing. MLW did just that. Just their production quality…I just watched the video on demand service of it, and there are not a lot of companies on the indies that have that kind of quality to make it look like it really is Major League Wrestling."

Later in the conversation, we asked Callihan if he heard the recent rumors that former WWE Cruiserweight champion Neville was leaving the WWE.

"They told me and I was like, I don't know if that's real or not. I guess we're going to have to wait and see."

WWE has responded to Wrestling INC 's inquiry, stating that Neville has not departed the company. However, they did not say whether or not he asked for his release. If the rumors are true, Callihan would not be surprised if Neville sought out other greener pastures.

"He didn't get the proper due that he deserves, man," said Callihan. "He looks like a Greek god and he legitimately, no one on the planet can do what he does. They could be pushing him as a heavy weight; it's not like he's just a cruiserweight. The dude is legitimately one of the best technical, one of the best high flyers, one of the best strikers, and over the past couple of years, he's brought his promos up to that same level. His promos are amazing right now. And for him to not be like pushed as a top guy is absolutely sad."

Stay tuned to Wrestling INC for the latest updates on Neville's contract with WWE. You can watch MLW: One-Shot on Video On Demand available now worldwide at for just $4.99. You will have unlimited access to watch the show on demand whenever and wherever you want. The event features Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini calling the action from Orlando, FL and is headlined by Ricochet facing Shane "Swerve" Strickland. Other matches at the show include: MVP vs. Sami Callihan, Jeff Cobb vs. "Filthy" Tom Lawlor, Santana Garrett vs. Mia Yim, TAMA Tonga vs. Martin Stone and much more.


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