– Above, Daniel Bryan talked about his “Book of the Month” club and his latest pick, Utopia for Realists, which sparked a conversation among some of the WWE locker room.

The New York Daily News wrote an article on Shane McMahon investing $500,000 back in 2015 in a company called EnviroGrow that builds modules to assist in the growth of marijuana. The company sells their product only in states where the drug is legal for either medical or recreational use. The article also talked about Linda McMahon being include in the current administration’s cabinet, and how Shane’s investment is in contrast to the Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ hard line stance against the drug.

News of this investment was revealed due to Shane filing a lawsuit last year to recoup his money. After making a visit to the company’s production plant, he found it to be “nonexistent,” and the owner of EnviroGrow refused to return Shane’s investment.

– Johnny Gargano will be making his roster debut in this year’s WWE 2K18 video game, and as an avid wrestling video game nerd, he was really happy about this. Below he talks about how much he enjoyed previous video wrestling games and is excited to be in one with his entrance music.