Sound Off Reactions On If Shane McMahon Or Kevin Owens Will Win At Hell In A Cell

Yesterday we asked if you thought Shane McMahon or Kevin Owens would be victorious at tonight's Hell in a Cell PPV. This was one of the closer votes we've had with Owens just barely getting the win. Answers were all over the place from "Shane is only here to put others over" to "Shane could really use a win." Many of you mentioned this could be a long running story that may eventually involve Triple H and/or Owens possibly heading back to Raw. Also, this is one of the rare times where it's possible Shane's opponent could take the craziest bump of the night.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

Billy Walker:
"It's the time of year when they have to start thinking of building towards WrestleMania. So in that sense, Owens must win. KO could potentially come out of the match as SmackDown's #1 Heel (if he isn't deemed so already) and if Nakamura wins the WWE Championship, that's your feud that will carry through the fall into the new year."

"The twerking girl on the steps at the last SmackDown will interfere to help KO get the win."

Cosmo Morte:
"It's a Shane McMahon match. HIAC at that. This isn't about winning or losing. This is about the story of the fight and the spot of the season either one of these guys are going to take. Either one can win and it wouldn't matter."

Richard Rood:
"Don't see any way Shane wins this match. We all know he's only put in these matches to provide some memorable moments, nothing more. But if they choose to continue this KO/McMahon feud, I'd like to see Triple H vs. KO at Survivor Series."

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