Sound Off: Reactions On The Shield Reuniting And Where They Go From Here

Yesterday we asked what you thought of The Shield getting back together and where WWE should take them from here. In regards to them reuniting, "lackluster" is probably the best word to use, after reading through the responses. Even if you were excited about them coming back, you weren't so thrilled with their opponents, especially with Braun Strowman just being thrown in there, because, why not? Many responses highlighted that with Brock Lesnar and John Cena out for a bit, WWE needed a big name to keep things going while they fend off the NFL and the MLB Playoffs.

About where this is going, most likely it will be over before WrestleMania, whether (most likely) Ambrose or Rollins turns, or the group just kind of disbands on good terms. Also, many commented that this is just another way to get Reigns cheered (and to give Ambrose/Rollins something to do) as the build towards his WrestleMania 34 match continues. Will the cheers continue post-Shield?

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

"The Shield reunion will give Raw the shot in the arm needed during a downtime of the year. What I don't understand is why Braun was added to the match. If they didn't feel comfortable with Miz in the match, why not just have Braun in there to start with?"

SinDelle Morte:
"People who think it's about 'getting Roman cheered' are missing something. WWE has huge investments in Rollins and Ambrose, too, not just Roman. Those guys are not drawing the same interest as they used to and have nothing to do right now. That's more of what it's about. That, and selling Shield merch. Roman will make money wherever he is placed. They do not."

"I'm not against the Shield reuniting, but this is just a way to try and force some cheers for Reigns as they push him to WM."

"Never liked any of them individually or as a collective. They won't be together when Roman wins the title in April, that's for certain."

Matt Dayman:
"They should have came together to beat some unstoppable new group, not a few guys who they've all beaten separately with Braun shoehorned in. Doesn't really matter where it goes if (assuming) they're going to disband by February in time for Roman's 4th or 5th passing of the torch ceremony at Mania."

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