Sound Off Reactions To If Jinder Mahal Or Shinsuke Nakamura Will Leave Hell In A Cell With The Title

Yesterday we asked if you thought WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal, would retain his title or if Shinsuke Nakamura would go on his first run as champion. It was pretty much a blowout with Mahal getting a huge amount of the votes. A few trending reasons were Mahal could hold the title until dropping it at a bigger PPV or that Nakamura (and in some cases, the WWE Universe) isn't ready for a title run.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments.

Mr. Wednesday:
"There just hasn't been any real build up for Shinsuke to win, so he might win just for the surprise factor, but because of the lack of build up, his first reign will fall flat. Cena brought up a great point about Nakamura in that the WWE Universe doesn't know who this guy is and what he's all about. He's 'The Artist' and he has a cool entrance. Okay. What else? He's just not as established or developed as a character yet to carry the belt, so I think Jinder is probably going to win even though his run is really starting to fall flat."

Broken Swiss Superman 2.0:
"Winner and still WWE Champion: Jinder Mahal due to interference from the the Singh Brothers. Interference from the Singh Brothers sums up Jinder's entire title reign."

Joshi Josh:
"Mahal till 'Mania."

"Jinder will win. This is bad for SmackDown, but ultimately good for Nakamura. When he wins that belt it should be a high profile feud with a champion that matters. Plus, I think he needs more time to build up his character so that people care more."

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