Spoilers: WWE NXT Tapings For Tonight

Join us tonight at 8pm EST for our live Viewing Party.

* Ruby Riot & Nikki Cross defeated Billie Kay & Peyton Royce. This was announced as a tag match, but once again, Ruby did not have a partner when the bell rang. Ruby dominates the early part of the match, isolating the numbers game. It finally catches up to her, though, as the Iconic duo takes control. Mid-match, Nikki across again comes to ringside and looks on as Peyton has Ruby in a headlock. Nikki slowly climbs on to the apron as Ruby fights out of the headlock. Ruby crawls to her corner and Nikki extends her hand for the tag. Nikki goes wild and cleans house. Nikki hits an inverted DDT but Peyton breaks it up. Billie and Peyton hit their tag finisher, but Nikki kicks out at 2. Nikki gets the tag to Ruby, who dives off the top rope to take out the Iconic ones, and hits the Riot Kick for the win

* Lio Rush vs. Aleister Black doesn't begin, as The Velveteen Dream jumps Lio during Aleister's entrance and invites Black into the ring. Dream bails when Aleister enters though, and smacks the mat and tells Aleister to say his name as he exits up the ramp

* Kairi Sane defeated Aliyah. Sane is incredibly over, as expected. Short match, Aliyah got some offense in, but Kairi hits a spear, her baseball slide forearm, and the elbow for the win

* Drew McIntyre defeated Roderick Strong to retain the NXT Title. Awesome match. Lockup to start. Drew throws Roddy into the corner and challenges him to come at him. David vs Goliath idea happening here, as Roddy has a significant height disadvantage. Roddy goes to flip up in the corner, but Drew kicks him in the gut. Drew throws Roddy literally across the ring with an overhead suplex. Drew drops Strong on the guardrail. Strong with a flying knee off the apron as the continue to brawl ringside. Roddy hits a backbreaker on the steel steps. Strong rolls him back in the ring and starts targeting Drew's spine. McIntyre reverses an Irish whip and tosses Strong into the turnbuckles. Strong is dominating with stiff kicks and elbows. Drew hits a suplex and tries to regain control. They trade strikes. Drew hits his inverted Alabama Slam for a nearfall. Drew sits Strong on the top rope and goes for a slam, but Strong flips out and hits an enziguri. Strong with a superplex for a nearfall. They trade punches and Roddy hits a powerbomb for 2. Drew hits a middle rope Celtic Cross for a near fall. After a great exchange at the end, Drew powerbomb a Roddy into the ringpost outside and hits the Claymore kick for the win. Roddy and Drew shake hands post-match as Nigel McGuinness gives the a standing ovation. Roderick is on the stage when The Undisputed Era walk out and pat him on the back. Cole talks to Strong before leaving. Drew looks perplexed and so does Strong


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