Taya Valkyrie spoke with the Wrestling Epicenter on a number of wrestling topics. You can check out the full interview in the video above. Here are some of the highlights:

Debut with Impact Wrestling:

“This is only the beginning! It’s been amazing! It is so different from what I’m used to like being in AAA and Lucha Underground, but that’s what is exciting! I try to always evolve as a wrestler and a performer and as a character. I just think this was a natural progression and next natural step in my career.”

How Impact Wrestling is different compared to Lucha Underground and AAA:

“[Laughs] Everything about it is different! It is a totally different roster, obviously, so I’m facing women I’ve never faced before who all wrestle in different styles. I’m Canadian, but I also spent 5 years of my life in Mexico in AAA. It’s just so different. The speed is different. We’re wrestling to the left instead of the right. The ring is different. The fans are completely different! But, it’s cool! It’s a challenge just like anything, but, you know, I’ve started at the bottom and came up from there always. I’ve always had these challenges throughout my career and different barriers I have to break through and create a name for myself. This is just one more opportunity to do so!”

Sexy Star shooting on Rosemary at AAA TripleMania:

“I was just so disappointed. I was in LA watching, I was not in Mexico, even though some people try to say that I was. I was just so disappointed in the whole situation because I consider myself to be the face … Heavily involved within the Lucha Libre world. It was really sad for me to watch. I don’t think I really want to say too much about it because I think it has been talked about enough. Some people just don’t deserve that attention, but I just think that everyone’s true colors show in the end.”

Being on her own in Impact:

“Throughout my career, I’ve always been associated with factions. For example, I am in Worldwide Underground in Lucha Underground, but for the first time, Taya gets to stand on her own!”

Her fiance, Johnny Impact, working for Impact Wrestling:

“Who is Johnny Impact? [Laughs] It’s cool. I’m just so proud of him on all he is doing as Johnny Impact and Johnny Mundo!”

Again, you can check out the full interview in the video above or read the highlights by clicking here.

Source: Wrestling Epicenter