Total Bellas S2E6 Recap: Brie Takes A DNA Test, Nikki Considers Retiring From The Ring

Folks, Baby Birdie is literally minutes away from arriving, and Bryan and Brie Danielson (a/k/a Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan) can't think of anything else except the arrival of their little chicken.

So, needless to say, one of the first things they did was go off and get DNA tests to find out where, exactly, their fine heritage comes from so they could pass this on to Birdie when the time came. (They also needed an idea or two for Birdie's middle name.)

Brie, of course, is Mexican and Italian — or so she thought until the DNA tests came back, and it was revealed that she was a mishigoss of European, Jewish, and Native American heritage. For what it's worth, Bryan has Viking heritage. For a while, it seemed like Brie would completely ignore this awesome heritage of her husbands (they have horned helmets, you guys!)...until she throws Bryan a surprise Viking themed party. Bryan, in turn, honors Brie's newfound Jewish heritage by agreeing to give Birdie the middle name of "Joe," after Brie's grandfather (or "pop-pop").

Meanwhile, Nikki didn't expect that her return to the WWE would be long-term — she figured she would leave after the much-anticipated WrestleMania tag-team match with John Cena to "focus on other business ventures." But then she sees the Barbie dolls modeled after her and her sister, and wonders if, perhaps, she should stay on board a little longer so she can inspire other girls. But then, during an episode of SmackDown Live, Nikki gets a neck injury that — dun dun duuuun! — threatens to cut her wrestling career short altogether.

There was also a boring storyline involving the "Bella brother" JJ and trying to build his Instagram followers by having Daniel Bryan take a video of him getting his chest waxed. It sounds as interesting as you think it does — which is to say it's not interesting at all.

On next week's episode, we find out if Nikki's wrestling career does, indeed, get cut short — and what baby Birdie really is gonna look like (spoiler alert: she's a cutie!).