Total Bellas S2E7 Recap: Nikki Bella Expects The Worst, But Gets The Best

When last we left Nikki Bella, she was wondering if maybe -- just maybe -- she should cut her wrestling career short, especially since she'd suffered an injury the week before. (And -- spoiler alert for wrestling fans! -- her very last appearance in the ring will be at WrestleMania, when she and hubby-to-be John Cena tag-team up against Maryse and her hubby, The Miz.)

So naturally, this week, Nikki expected the worst -- but, fortunately, got the best.

We kicked off this episode of Total Bellas with Nikki sitting down with her doctor about her neck injury, and he all but told her to hang up her wrestling trunks. (He's not a fan of her being in the ring for any longer than she has to be, frankly.)

But though she did do a number on her neck, she has the clearance for one more match.

(And, surprise surprise -- it's the WrestleMania match!)

What's more, she's not allowed to do more than use her arms and do the Rack Attack. Now that's basically giving away all her moves in the ring, but hey, there's a chance that Miz and Maryse don't watch Total Bellas...

Meanwhile, JJ -- the so-called "Bella Brother" -- has decided to renew his vows with his on-again, off-again wife, Lauren, especially since he's decided he's going to recommit himself to her. Yeah, yeah, yeah -- the romance. BO-RING! These two were much more interesting when they couldn't stand each other.

But the big announcement, of course, is that Brie Bella is literally five minutes away from giving birth to beautiful Baby Birdie.

And, as she's wont to do in this sort of situation, she's waited until the last minute to decide where, exactly, she's going to give birth to her first daughter with Daniel Bryan. And after struggling with the idea of giving birth at home -- even going so far as to consult with a doula! -- she finally decided that giving birth in a hospital was the way to go. And of course, her ever-intrusive family "helped" that decision along, as well.

The season finale of Total Bellas airs next week, and we're sure -- spoiler alert! -- that it will feature the debut of Baby Birdie, a Cena proposal to Nikki, and JJ doing something else that will bore you to tears.


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