Total Bellas S2E8 Recap: Daniel Bryan And Brie Bella Have A Baby, John Cena Proposes, WrestleMania

It's the season finale of Total Bellas, you guys, and anyone who's been following the Bella twins both on and off-screen already know how this is all going to get wrapped up in a neat little bow: with a new little chicken named Birdie, a final appearance in the wrestling ring by Nikki Bella, and a proposal from John Cena.

And so, the season finale kicks off with Nikki Bella in the WrestleMania ring defying her doctor's orders and using a LOT more than her forearms to fight. (Not that we blame her.) Hopefully, the doc wasn't watching!

But, in what should come as no surprise to anyone who saw WrestleMania this year, Cena and Bella soundly defeat The Miz and Maryse... and the fight ends with Cena down on one knee asking Nikki to marry him. Aw!

But with all the people in the audience cheering the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Cena on, there was one glaring omission from the crowd: Brie Bella and her husband, Daniel Bryan. They had other pressing concerns, of course -- in the form of Brie's due date -- and, after a hare-brained scheme for a home birth goes wrong (Brie was in labor for almost a day and a half! YIKES!), the doctors finally agree to perform a C-section to bring little Birdie squalling into the world.

The season ends with a glimpse of the new baby -- who seems to favor her father in the looks department -- but, if you want to find out what happened now that baby Birdie is a thing, and the newest cast member of Total Bellas, you'll have to tune in next week when Total Divas airs at 9pm EST. And yes, we will be right here with the recaps for you!


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