Triple H Comments On Protests During The National Anthem

As NFL players continued to protest during the national anthem this week, Triple H opened up about how protests would be handled in the WWE.

Colin Kaepernick began taking a knee during the national anthem as a silent protest against racial injustice, inspiring some other players to follow suit. The protests became more widespread two weeks ago after President Donald Trump's controversial comments in which he referred to players who protest as "sons of b—–s." The protests are currently a major point of divisiveness, as the players have been accused of disrespecting the American flag.


According to Express, Triple H said while he personally wouldn't protest during the national anthem himself, the WWE respects the rights of others to do so.

"I speak for myself, personally only, and if it was me I would stand for my national anthem. For my country I would stand," he said. "But I and WWE certainly respect the rights of everybody's first amendment right of freedom of speech, their right to peacefully protest and do what is meaningful to them. Certainly we support that."

Triple H is the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative for the WWE, so his opinion holds a lot of weight behind the scenes. He pondered whether there would be a way to protest that would be suitable for everyone.


"I question whether there would be a better way to do that, that maybe wouldn't offend others or something else," he said. "Surely we respect that line."

Other wrestlers have also discussed the possibility of protests during the national anthem in the WWE. We reported last week that Austin Aries believes wrestlers would toe the line out of fear of losing their job. Sean Waltman also pointed out that wrestlers are usually in the locker room when the national anthem is played prior to an event.

Source: Express