Triple H On Great Khali's WWE Appearance And If There Will Be More, How He Sees Jinder Mahal's Reign

News 18 recently interviewed Triple H during his recent trip to India. Below are some highlights:

How he would describe Jinder Mahal's reign as WWE Champion from a wrestler's perspective and from a business point of view:

"Jinder has been champion for 3 months here I think you know there's different ways to look at it. If I'm going to answer that from a wrestler's point or a WWE superstar standpoint, sometimes people are looking at Jinder and saying maybe he doesn't deserve the championship, it's too early for him. They fail to see that Jinder was here before and yes he did not succeed the first time he was here and he went away and he left but they don't see the hard work they don't see the dedication he's put in he has worked really hard and if I can say one thing from my point of view, Jinder has earned my respect. As not only a WWE superstar but as a champion I think the jury is out.

"I think it takes time to establish yourself as a champion you know superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin or Myself or The Rock or John Cena weren't built overnight. They take time. It takes time to earn the respect of a fan base and I think that's what Jinder will do if he continues to put on the performance he does. He will continue to earn their respect over time. If he doesn't then he clearly won't be champion for long."

The Great Khali's one-night WWE return at Battleground earlier this year:

"Great Khali is a legend in the industry and he is always welcome to the WWE and we look forward to appearances by him in the future if that is something he wants to do. I know right now he is here in India and he is enjoying and kind of helping to train the next generation of superstars as well and being very successful at that. But you know, Great Khali is always going to be a legendary figure to the WWE and that means he is welcome at any time he wants to."

Triple H also discussed WWE signing Kavita Devi, transitioning to an office role, the growth of NXT and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: News 18


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