Triple H Set To Wrestle At WWE Live Events, Brie Bella WWE Return Update, Kurt Angle (Video)

- Above is the latest WWE Network Pick of the Week video with RAW General Manager Kurt Angle hyping his ring return at last Sunday's TLC pay-per-view.

- We noted last week how Brie Bella revealed in a YouTube video that she was set to begin training for her WWE return in early November. Brie added that she's looking to return to the ring in 2018 with Nikki Bella for an in-ring reunion of The Bella Twins. Brie is hoping to return in 2018 as she and Daniel Bryan are planning on trying for their second kid in late 2018. Brie spoke with E! News this week and talked more about the comeback.

"Definitely 2018 for sure," she dished. "Especially because I would like to have a second baby and I'm not going to start trying until after I make my comeback. So we let the boss know whenever he's ready for us.

"Granted I do have to do some training. I got into the ring and trained a couple times and I realized that my journey's a little longer than I expected," she admits. "So I'm starting next week, I'm going to start working with a personal trainer and we're really gonna get me back in shape. Especially in ring shape, there's a difference. So once I feel like boom, I'm ready for that then we're going back together."

- WWE and Triple H announced today that he will be wrestling at 5 live events on the upcoming tour of the UK. The Game tweeted the following on the mini-run:


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