Who Has Highest WWE 2K18 Ranking?, Rusev Rips Sami Zayn For Having "Never Won Anything In His Life"

With the latest edition of the WWE 2K video game franchise set for release on October 13th, IGN asked some of the top superstars to predict what ranking their video game counter-parts would receive. It should come as no surprise that few of the heavyweights were pleased with their grade in last year's game.


Samoa Joe said that if he wasn't ranked in the 90s this year, there was going to be an issue. Unfortunately for Joe, his current rank falls short, settling in at 88. Braun Strowman claimed that he was at least a 95 and that he'd "better be high than everyone's", but despite the threat, WWE 2K18 placed him alongside the Samoan Submission Machine at 88.

Regardless of whether or not each superstar accepts their rank, everyone agrees on one point: it better be higher than Sami Zayn's! Many of WWE's top performers have voiced their displeasure at being pinned below Zayn's number last year.

In WWE 2K17, Rusev was ranked in the low 80s, while his fellow SmackDown Live superstar received an 87. The Bulgarian Brute was crushed.


"He's like a 120lbs guy; never won anything in his life," Rusev chides. "No, not again. So maybe an 88. I'd be happy with 88."

Rusev's 2K18 rank is 84? which is exactly the same as Zayn's.

Sheamus doesn't hold back his feelings either.

"Last year was s–te. Sami Zayn had a better rank than I had," The Celtic Warrior states, who was an 85 this year. Even his partner Cesaro had to agree that that was low (the Swiss Superman was an 88 the previous year, just ousting Zayn).

While Roman Reigns, the man who stood tall as WWE Champion at the end of WrestleMania 32, topped out at 89 for WWE 2K17, he received the highest ranking in WWE 2K18 with a 95, according to Trusted Reviews.

While Seth Rollins and others believe they should be ranked well above their current mark, only a handful of superstars on the active roster broke 90 in last year's version of the game, WWE 2K17. Both Rollins and Undertaker claimed high marks with 93s and Dean Ambrose snagged a 90, but Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens – and even Triple H – all settled for high-80s while classic characters like Edge, The Rock, and Steve Austin were elevated to the low-90s. If nothing else, surely their tears were quickly dried when they saw Bo Dallas' 2K17 score. He shares the lowest rank of 67 with none other than Eva Marie.