WINC Podcast (10/25): WWE SmackDown Review, Survivor Series Teams, Heel Sami Zayn, 205 Live

Raj Giri and Glenn Rubenstein are back for the latest edition of the Wrestling Inc. podcast. Topics include:

- WWE SmackDown Review

- SmackDown's Survivor Series teams starting to fill out.

- Survivor Series' Raw vs. SmackDown match-ups are lacking "dream match" feel.

- Is Sami Zayn better as a heel?

- WWE Superstars cutting "Under Siege" promos on social media.

- Does being Captain of a Survivor Series team matter?

- 205 Live Recap

- Austin Aries getting set to work on the indies.

- Impact Wrestling's present and future.

- Wrestlers making money in WWE vs. the indies.

- Wrestlers leaving WWE for Hollywood.

- Answering fan questions.

And more!

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