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- Recap of Enzo's promo from Raw talking about a conspiracy theory against him and the lumberjack championship match where he lost the title to Kalisto. Followed by Enzo's group beating up Kalisto and Mustfa Ali's attempted save.

- Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us in as they preview Kalisto and Mustafa Ali vs. Enzo Amore and Ariya Daivari. Also tonight, Rich Swann vs. Jack Gallagher.

- Enzo out first, mic in hand, he wonders if Seattle can "smell it," it smells like "team spirit." He talks about his new alliance, then cracks on grunge and Starbucks. He rips on Kalisto a bit, says he'll get his title back, and this show's foundation is built by Enzo. At TLC, he's going to be on the summit and Kalisto is just someone who plays it safe. Out runs Kalisto who instantly drops him, Enzo is able to bail out of the ring though before too much more damage can be done.

- Recap of Jack Gallagher turning heel, joining The Brian Kendrick, and beating up Cedric Alexander. We then see the next few weeks as Alexander fights back against both Gallagher and Kendrick.

Jack Gallagher (with The Brian Kendrick) vs. Cedric Alexander

We get a backstage promo of Cedric and Swann, Swann says the numbers game is up and talks about shoving an umbrella up Gallagher's...well, you can probably guess. In the ring, Gallagher tries to get in a first attack, but Swann is ready, getting in a number of strikes that Gallagher can't handle. Gallagher bounces to the outside on one side of the ring, on the far side Kendrick yanked Swann out of the ring. Gallagher goes over to pick up his fallen opponent and tosses him back in the ring.

Gallagher in control of the match at this point, big dropkick, pin, two. Gallagher continues the aggressive attack, stomps Swann's face, followed up with some European uppercuts in the corner. Swann tries to answer with some of his own, but Gallagher gets a single leg takedown and slams Swann's knees into the mat. Swann gets back into in, spinning kick, running flipping kick, pin, two. Swann tries to head up top, Gallagher puts him on his shoulders, Swann jumps off, tiger driver, pin, two! Swann goes for a kick, Gallagher heads to the outside, Swann goes for a dive, Kendrick blocks the way with a ring bell. Chaos breaks out as Kendrick and Gallagher go after Swann then Alexander on the outside.

Winner: Rich Swann via DQ

- Post-match, Cedric and Swann able to recover and flatten both of their opponents, in the ring, Swann heads up top for a phoenix splash, but Kendrick pulls his guy from danger. The two teams will meet this Sunday at TLC.

- Backstage, Drew Gulak heading to the ring with his sign and it looks like we'll be getting more of his Power Point presentation.

- Drew Gulak heads to the ring, grabs the mic to talk about his "Drewtopia" where unnecessary chants and top rope dives are non-existent. Gulak then shows last Tuesday when he attacks Akira Tozawa before their match got started. Gulak says he loves 205 Live and he won't let some awful "Ah!" chant or Tozawa ruin it. He gloats about hitting Tozawa across the throat with his sign and then gets super pumped up about his presentation. "No defying authority" is slide 9 of 277. "This is boring" chant breaks out and Gulak gets super bothered by this, chastising the crowd. He says on Sunday's Kickoff, he'll have another "championship edition" presentation for a better 205 Live!

Kalisto and Mustafa Ali vs. Enzo Amore and Ariya Daivari

Backstage promo with Kalisto who says it felt good to get his hands on Enzo, he plans to beat Enzo tonight and then just simply beat him up. Enzo out to the ring, oh no, mic in hand- nope, he passes it over to Daivari who talks for a bit. Enzo talks about money and calls Ali and Kalisto "Sawft." Enzo tags out quickly as Daivari and Kalisto kick things off. Kalisto uses his speed to put Daivari down, tags in Ali, some nice double teamwork on Daivari as Ali keeps it going with some big strikes.

Kalisto back in, float over senton on Daivari as he gets back in the ring. Kalisto ends up getting dumped all the way to the floor, Enzo picks him up and drops his face on the barricade. Back in the ring, Kalisto continues to get beat up, Enzo wants in as stomps away at Kalisto in the corner. Enzo taunts at his opponent and continues his attack, Kalisto gets whipped to the ropes, Daivari pulls them down and Kalisto heads down to the floor. The champion is getting completely destroyed here, even when he gets a few strikes in, he's put right back down to the mat. Crowd attempts to cheer him on, finally a window for Kalisto to tag out, but it moving painfully slow.

Ali finally tagged in and goes to work on Enzo, rolling neckbreaker, pin, only two. Enzo and Ali on the top, Ali flipped off, Enzo goes for a dropkick gets caught in mid-air. Kalisto tags in, hits a high crossbody on Enzo who nearly rolls it into a 3-count. Salida Del Sol hits cleanly, 1-2-3!

Winners: Kalisto and Mustafa Ali via Pinfall

- Post-match, Ali and Kalisto celebrate in the ring, Enzo and Daivari watching on just outside the ring, Kalisto suddenly takes off and hits a suicide dive on both guys! Another brawl between all four on the floor, Kalisto back in the ring, ends the show with a "Lucha!" chant.