WWE Employee Feuds With Reby Hardy On Social Media, Both Allege Past Harassment

Longtime WWE seamstress Julie Youngberg has found herself in a social media feud with Reby Hardy after tweeting that she joked that she would 'love' if Reby's husband Matt were dead.

The hubbub started when a fan said she hoped Broken Matt would be added as the fifth member of Team Miz at the TLC pay-per-view. Youngberg quoted the tweet and said, "I would love if the fifth man was dead Matt. Did I say that?":

Reby Hardy has never been shy on social media, so she responded, "B***h you seen both me & Matt about 20x at TVs & have never said a damn thing. Shut up, p***y." The two of them have gone back and forth since then, with Reby saying they've had issues for years:

Youngberg was formerly married to Shannon Moore, who has maintained a 30-year friendship with Matt and Jeff Hardy dating back to 1987. Youngberg mentioned her past marriage to Moore, writing:

On Twitter Youngberg claimed she has worked for the WWE for 30 years and "made most of the iconic costumes you've watched on TV." Youngberg then brought up a supposed police report from Cameron, North Carolina that alleged over six years of harassment.

This prompted a string of tweets from Reby Hardy in which she claims it was Youngberg who was doing the stalking: