WWE Hall Of Famer JJ Dillon On Working With Vince McMahon At His House

JJ Dillon enjoyed a 35-year career in the wrestling business that culminated in an induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2012. Dillon recently spoke to Ricky Morton on The School of Morton podcast about some of his experiences.

Dillon is most famous for being the manager and strategic leader of the original Four Horsemen. He also served as a front office executive for WWE from 1989 to 1997, where he worked closely with Vince McMahon. Dillon said he had a close friendship with McMahon and would regularly spend time at his house to get work done. Once work was done, Dillon would usually stay for dinner with the McMahon family.

"I was in the office all week and all of the creative was done at his home on weekends and I would go out to his house with Pat Patterson and we would sit in casual clothes? in the summer we would be out? he had like a pool where I watched Stephanie and Shane grow up," Dillon said. "He had a veranda out there with a bank of phones and that's where we would work out there. In the winter time we would work in his formal dining room. Saturday and Sunday and then we would stay and eat dinner at his home around the dinner table with Vince and Linda.

"If Shane was there or Stephanie was there we would sit and have dinner with them, too," he continued. "It was a wonderful time in the business."

After leaving WWE in 1997, Dillon returned to WCW as an on-camera commissioner. Still, he expressed a professional admiration for McMahon. Dillon said he has a lot of respect for McMahon because he had a firsthand look at how hard he worked to achieve his success.

'I have to give credit to Vince McMahon," Dillon said. "Everything that he's had, his success is because he had the vision was willing to work for it and he's earned all the success he's had."

You can listen to the full podcast below:

Source: The School of Morton