Falls Count Anywhere Hell In a Cell: Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens

We go to the Cell and out comes SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon. He greets his wife and sons at ringside before entering the structure. Kevin Owens is out next.

Owens approaches the Cell but Shane attacks him and the bell rings. They fight outside of the Cell with Shane unloading. Shane sends Owens into the barrier. Owens tries to fight back but Shane continues with lots of punches, dropping Owens on the floor. Owens gets up and tosses Shane into the steel, then the barrier. Shane stands on top of the barrier and leaps off, taking Owens down. Owens turns it around and talks some trash but Shane kicks the Cell door into his face. Shane rolls Owens into the ring and steps inside the Cell himself. The referee locks the door.

Owens turns it around and sends Shane into the steel twice, knocking him off the apron and launching him into the wall. Shane looks to be cut open already. Owens talks trash and rubs Shane’s face into the steel, right in front of his kids while taunting them as well. Owens sends Shane into the steel steps and talks more trash about his family. Owens keeps control and positions the steps at ringside but Shane kicks him and turns it around. Shane brings it back into the ring but Owens stops away as he rolls in. Owens keeps control and puts a boot to Shane’s face to keep him down. Shane gets up but Owens levels him and nails a senton for a 2 count.

Owens with more offense before hitting the corner cannonball. Owens drags Shane to the middle of the ring and covers for a 2 count. Owens yells at Shane’s family and says he should be their role model, not their dad. Owens goes to the top for a big senton but Shane gets his knees up. We get a replay. Shane unloads with punches now. Shane with an elbow after running the ropes. Shane bounces around the ring and waits for Owens to get up now. Shane with lefts and rights, then a kick into the corner. Shane ends up hitting a DDT, driving Owens into the mat. A “you still got it” chant starts. Shane goes to the top now. Shane goes for a Shooting Star Press but misses. Owens goes to the top and hits the Frogsplash for a 2 count.

Owens talks trash and goes for the Pop-Up Powerbomb but Shane counters mid-move and applies an armbar. Shane has trouble getting it fully locked in. Owens gets free and goes to the floor. Shane applies a triangle submission from the apron but can’t get it fully locked in again. Owens turns that into a powerbomb from the apron onto the bottom half of the steel ring steps. Owens covers for a 2 count on top of the steps. Owens asks Shane why he’s making him do this. Owens stomps again and again. Fans still want tables. Owens brings one from under the ring and fans pop.

Shane is still down as Owens leans the table against the Cell wall. Owens rocks him and leans Shane against the table. Owens goes to the apron and leaps for a big cannonball into the table but Shane moves and Owens crashes through the table, hitting the steel of the Cell wall. Fans chant “holy s–t” now. Shane covers for a 2 count on the floor, using just one hand. Shane stands up and smacks Owens in the back with half of the broken table. Shane with another big shot with the piece of the table. Shane tosses a trash can into the ring for a pop. Shane with strikes and another shot with the table half. Shane brings it back into the ring now.

Shane positions Owens in the corner and places the trash can on him. Shane goes to the top and nails the Coast 2 Coast dropkick, driving the trash can into Owens. Shane is hurt as well but Owens is out. Shane with another weak pin attempt for a 2 count as Owens gets his foot on the bottom rope. We get a replay of the Coast 2 Coast. Graves believes the referee got caught up in the moment as the foot on the rope should not have caused the break. Shane leaves the ring and tells the referee to unlock the door but they won’t. Shane goes under the ring and brings out a pair of bolt cutters. Shane struggles with cutting the lock off the door. Owens is barely moving in the ring. Shane finally pops the lock and opens the door as fans pop.

Shane goes back into the ring and hits Owens with the trash can. Fans chant “one more time” now. Shane keeps control as they leave the Cell now. They trade shots at the bottom of the ramp. Owens hits a low blow and drops Shane with a DDT into the diamond plate on the ramp. Owens lifts Shane and crotches him with the frame of the door. Owens works Shane over outside of the Cell, grinding his face into the structure. Owens stands on Shane’s neck and slams the top of the announce table on him. Owens hits Shane with one of the announce desk monitors now. Owens headbutts Shane, causing him to fall on top of the announce table. Owens stands on top of the barrier now, taking his time to look down at Shane and out across the crowd. Owens changes his mind and comes down off the barrier. He climbs to the top of the Cell instead.

Owens makes it to the top of the Cell while Shane is still down on the announce table. Owens looks like he’s about to leap from the Cell but he’s having second thoughts. Owens backs up and has to hype himself up. Shane gets up and starts climbing the Cell now. Owens waits for him to fight. Owens hits Shane before he can get to the top, causing him to hang from the side of the Cell. Shane fights back and climbs up anyway. They meet on the top of the Cell and start brawling. Shane ducks a shot and hits a leg sweep. Fans chant for Shane. Shane slams Owens again. Fans chant “this is awesome” as they both struggle to get to their feet. Shane hits a suplex on top of the Cell.

They both get up and Owens drops Shane with a superkick. Owens with a senton now. Owens grabs Shane for a powerbomb but Shane fights him. Shane backdrops Owens on top of the Cell. They struggle and Owens can’t get Shane up for a powerbomb. Shane charges but Owens catches him and hits the Pop-Up Powerbomb on top of the Cell. We get a replay. Owens looks to launch Shane off the top of the Cell put Shane puts the brakes on. Shane ducks a right hand and kicks Owens’ knee. They trade more shots. Shane charges but Owens drops him with a punch. Owens starts climbing down the side of the Cell now. Fans boo. Shane grabs him and won’t let him climb down. Shane with punches. Owens continues to climb down the Cell now. Shane is also climbing down now.

Shane knocks Owens off the side of the Cell, sending him crashing through the Spanish announce table below. Referees, WWE trainers and paramedics immediately come check on Owens. We get a replay. Owens looks to dismiss the paramedics. Shane tries to lift Owens now but he’s out. Shane drags Owens a few feet and drops him in front of the main announce table. Shane starts taking apart that announce table now as fans chant his name. Shane places Owens on top of the announce table and headbutts him. Shane cuts his own throat and starts climbing the Cell wall again. Shane makes it to the top of the Cell and looks down at Owens. Shane says a prayer and makes the huge leap but Owens moves out of the way. Shane lands bad. We see that it was Sami Zayn who pushed Owens off the table, Owens didn’t roll out of the way. Medics and officials check on Shane as Sami looks to check on Owens. Fans in the crowd are shocked.

Medics are bringing out the back-board and the neck brace for Shane. Sami drags Owens over and lays him on top of Shane for the pin. Sami pushes a referee to the ground and tells him to count the pin.

Winner: Kevin Owens

After the bell, Owens is announced the winner. Sami looks down at Shane as medics go back to working on him. Owens starts to move some as his music hits. Sami looks unsure about the whole thing. We go to replays of Shane’s big leap and see how Sami made the save for Owens, pulling him to safety. A paramedic and a referee help Owens to the back while Shane is loaded onto the stretcher. We go to more replays. Owens looks back from the ramp as Shane is stretchered away. Hell In a Cell goes off the air with Shane being pushed to the back after he did give a thumbs up.

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