WWE Live Event Results From St. Louis (10/20): Roman Reigns Replaced, Main Event Changed, Strowman

Below are results from last night's WWE live event in St. Louis, MO:

* Bayley and Sasha Banks defeated Emma and Alicia Fox with Dana Brooke as a special guest referee. Fox got in Dana's face, Dana then shoved Fox when Bayley connected with a Belly to Bayley for the pin. Bayley received a ton of cheers. Match lasted about 10 minutes.

* Matt Hardy defeated Dash Wilder with a Twist of Fate finisher. Wilder did a decent job of getting heat from the crowd considering a lot of people probably did not care much about him one way or the other before the match. Match lasted about 10 minutes.

* Titus O'Neil and Goldust defeated Darren Young and Curt Hawkins, with Elias in the heel's corner. Elias generated the most heat of the night with his concert before the match. Match lasted about 10 minutes.

* Braun Strowman defeated Finn Balor in about 7 minutes. Balor received a lot of cheers, as did Braun.

* Alexa Bliss defeated Mickie James with her ddt finisher in about 12 minutes to retain the Women's Title. Bliss received more cheers than James.

* Kalisto defeated Enzo Amore in about 10 minutes with his finisher to retain the Cruiserweight Title. Enzo generated the 2nd most heat of the night after Elias. It was impressive since everyone started to cheer him, until he did a great job of irritating everyone on the mic. My favorite line was calling the crowd in St. Louis a bunch of St. Losers.

* The main event was Rollins and Ambrose retained the Tag Titles in about 30 minutes in a street fight against Sheamus and Cesaro. All 4 were extremely over. They used chairs, kendo sticks, and the finish was Rollins and Ambrose each putting an opponent through a different table at the same time.

Notable absences: Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, The Miz, Gallows and Anderson, and Apollo Crews, in addition to Neville and Nia Jax. The advertised main event was originally Reigns vs. Braun in a street fight, then earlier in the week it was changed to advertise The Shield vs. Sheamus, Cesaro, and Braun. Even with the absences, it was still a highly entertaining show.

The upper bowl was curtained off, and to say the lower bowl was half full would be generous. The cheap seats were more filled than the more expensive seats.


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