WWE NXT Results (10/4): NXT Championship On The Line, Lio Rush-ed By Dream, Sane Sails To Win

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Tonight's episode features an NXT Championship match between relatively new champion Drew McIntyre and a strong willed challenger in Roderick Strong. Tonight also marks the NXT TV debut of the highly acclaimed Lio Rush.

- NXT opens with a graphic to pay respect to those affected by the Las Vegas shooting over the weekend. Tonight's hype video and intro hit and we're off and running.

- The announce team officially welcomes us to the show and runs down tonight's card. Ranallo with a nice touch, citing a well known phrase of the recently passed announcer Lance Russell.


Ruby Riot vs. Billie Kay & Peyton Royce

Riot has the crowd early, with the exception of one gentleman, who gets embarrassed with boos from the rest of the audience. Fireman's carry from Riot on Kay and Royce quickly tagged in. Riot now showcasing a bit of strength with a couple power slams. Reverse senton into a cover and near fall for Riot. Riot leapfrogs a charge from Kay, gets her in a head scissors, but the Aussie has the turnbuckle slam scouted and pulls Riot off the ropes onto the canvas. Tag made to Royce, then quickly back to Kay, keeping Riot on their side of the ring. Nikki Cross magically appears once again with a crazy smile on her face. Royce with a rear chin lock and works it over to a pretty great extent. They work it past the crowd hype one time, but the second time gets the hardcore superstar back on her feet. Signals get crossed and both girls appear to go for a facebuster of sorts. Cross now on the apron and lends her hand for a tag. Riot begrudgingly makes the tag and Cross goes to work in a terrier type of manner. She cleans house, hits a scorpion death drop, and gets a near fall until the pin is broken up. Knee combo from the Iconic ones only gets a two. Kay looks for a scoop slam, but Cross turns it into somewhat of a sleeper. Riot makes a blind tag and hits a double drop kick from the top rope. Riot hits her Pele Kick for the win.


Winners via Pin Fall: Ruby Riot & Nikki Cross

- Recap of Lars Sullivan destroying Oney Lorcan last week with Danny Burch making the save. Christy St. Cloud interviews Lars backstage. Sullivan says he's always in control and full of rage. Burch faces him next week and Lars tells Burch to be in control...of his fear.

- Zelina Vega gets caught by the media on her way into Full Sail. They ask about Gargano wanting a rematch with Almas. Vega says they'll gladly accept a rematch but will be the same result. When asked if Almas loses, Vega essentially says they brought Gargano back to NXT and relevance. Each win gets Almas closer to the title picture.

- Recap of Adam Cole's NXT debut and the ensuing faceoff with SAnitY. The trios will match up in two weeks.

Lio Rush vs. Aleister Black

The match never gets started as Velveteen Dream rushes in from the crowd to attack the debuting star. The velveteen one hits the Purple Rainmaker elbow from the top and seductively owns the middle of the ring. He goads Black to come in, Black obliges to sit Indian style, but Dream makes a quick exit. Dream tells Black to say his name and acknowledge him, and he will make him say his name. Black remains stoic to end the segment.


Kairi Sane vs. Aliyah

Absolutely huge pop for the NXT debut of the MYC winner. Too bad cats are afraid of the water that Sane sails. A little bit of mat-based grappling to start off and then Sane throws a big right hand. Nice back breaker from Aliyah to get herself in the match and quiet the crowd for a moment. Loud kicks resound in Full Sail as the cat's meow is beginning to use the claws. Good looking rolling neck snap slightly surprising the crowd and tops it off with a stretch submission. Spear out of nowhere from Sane doesn't hit cleanly and only gets a two. Sane now showing off the strike game with a barrage of kicks and chops. Sane marches to the opposite corner for a running splash and then a second time for good measure. This sets up the "Insane Elbow" to finish off a very game Aliyah.

Winner via Pin Fall: Kairi Sane

- Johnny Gargano and Andrade "Cien" Almas will have their much anticipated rematch next week.

Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Roderick Strong (NXT Championship match)

Strong with a nice reaction and some slightly remixed music as he makes his entrance. McIntyre looks the part and gets an equally good reaction as the champ comes down the ramp. They get the spotlight treatment for the title match as we get underway.


Lockup and McIntyre shows off the power and size advantage to make an early statement, throwing Roddy around like a rag doll. Strong finally sinks his teeth in the match with a side headlock. Doesn't last long with a big shoulder block by the champ.

Quick break and we're back to Strong mounting some offense. Very loud counter by Drew only gets a one. He continues to exhibit his dominance with an overhead throw that sent Strong to the outside. Barricade has been brought into play as McIntyre drapes Strong over the top. Drew tries to through Strong back in, but Strong twirls around and turns it into a kick to stun the big man. He capitalizes with a huge back breaker onto the steel steps, which garners a HOLY SH!T chant from Full Sail. After re-entering the ring, Strong chooses not to go for the cover, but hit another back breaker, but another near fall. Strong working over the champ in the corner, as the official pulls him out to avoid a DQ. Knee lift sets up an abdominal stretch of Drew, who fights out with relative ease. McIntyre reverses an Irish Whip and sends Strong flying into the corner. Both men slow to get up, but McIntyre first to administer some offense. Drop kick counter out of nowhere from Roddy gets a two. Mudhole is now being stomped through the champion. Strong gets the bigger man up into a fireman's carry, but McIntyre counters out. Strong up again, but another counter with a back body drop. Both men down as we go to break.


Back and Strong still with the upper hand. Strong hits the ropes, but gets surprised with a big boot from McIntyre. Alabama Slam hits its mark on Strong to damage the back of the messiah of the back breaker. Another change in momentum as Strong hits a slam for another near fall. McIntyre catches Strong off a rope run to pop him up for a spine buster. Lots of back and forth in this one. Strong gets perched on the top rope, where McIntyre joins him. Strong looks to reverse into a sunset power bomb but gets blocked and sent down. Step up enziguri hits its mark out of desperation from the challenger. This allows him to rejoin the champ up top and hits a big superplex. One, two, NO! Both men exhausted, have resorted to a battle of wills in the middle of the ring. Tiger bomb by Strong for a two and a half. Both men down once again, but Drew up first. Gets the challenger up in the fireman's carry. He scales the ropes with Strong on his shoulder. McIntyre hits the Celtic Cross from the top, but Strong kicks out at 2.9! McIntyre strikes up the band for the Claymoore, but Strong counters with a trio of high knees. Strong begs McIntyre to get up and hits the Sick Kick for his closest near fall of the night. McIntyre smartly rolls to the apron to avoid another cover. Roddy goes for a dive but gets caught. McIntyre disposes of him back first onto the steel post. Back in the ring and McIntyre hits Future Shock. Still not satisfied, he sets up and hits the Claymoore for the victory and retention. Great match.


Winner via Pin Fall and STILL NXT Champion: Drew McIntyre

- The announce team recounts the match with highlights as both men come to their feet. Drew steps to his fallen challenger. He extends a handshake that Strong accepts. They have a quick exchange of words as Strong exits and lets the Scotsman bask in his championship glory.

- As Strong exits, the Undisputed Era says hello as the former ROH comrades have a couple words. Nice planting of seeds as we go off the air.