WWE NXT Results (10/18): Tag Team Returns, Women's Championship Qualifier, Aleister Black In Action

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Tonight's episode features a duo of trios with the unstable SAnitY taking on the rebellious new group, The Undisputed Era. We will also get to see who qualifies for the NXT Women's Championship match at NXT TakeOver: Wargames, as Ember Moon, Ruby Riot, and Sonya Deville vie for a spot in the match that already includes Kairi Sane and Peyton Royce.

- After a quick hype video and the usual intro video, we go straight to the ring as Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to the show.

Sonya Deville vs. Ember Moon vs. Ruby Riot (NXT Women's Championship Qualifying Match)

We start off hot with action all over the ring. Nice head scissors take down from Riot, but flattened by a clothes line. Nice mat work from Riot and moon after Deville is sent out of the equation momentarily. A little mini alliance formed as they both work to keep the MMA specialist out of the ring. Once back entered, she and Riot both get met with drop kicks from Moon, who makes covers and near falls to each. Deville back up and hits a couple big knees to Moon, spin kick, and cover, but no dice. We go to break.

We're back. Another rana sends Moon into Deville. Riot gets sent away. Springboard from Moon, but gets met in mid-air by a Deville spear. Crowd not sure what to think of this match, although all the girls are working hard. Deville works over Riot, gets some momentum, but sends her tumbling to the outside as Riot lowers the bridge. Riot looks for a high impact move to the outside, but a big right from Deville stops her short. Moon back in the match. Deville goes flying, but Moon hits a drop kick. Riot, ever the risk taker, hits a dive to the outside from the top rope taking out both women. She sells a foot/leg injury, which I wouldn't be surprised was legitimate. Never mind about the legitimacy, just a great sell job, as Deville now focuses her attack on the injured limb with an ankle lock. Riot looks for a rope break, but no such thing in a triple threat. Deville locks in the ankle even deeper. As it appears Riot is close to tapping, Moon scales the ropes and hits the Eclipse to an unsuspecting Deville. Sonya rolls all the way to the outside and the pin is made on the already injured Riot. Moon qualifies.

Winner via Pin Fall: Ember Moon

- Security footage of The Undisputed Era encountering Roderick Strong in the parking lot. A shirt and some words were exchanged as the announce team speculated the state of the relationship.

- Christy St. Cloud backstage with Mr. Regal. As he was about to announce a match for next week, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce interrupt. He proceeds to make the announcement that there will be a women's battle royal next week to determine the last contender in the NXT Women's Championship match at NXT TakeOver: War Games.

Raul Mendoza vs. Aleister Black

As the bell rings, Velveteen Dream comes to ringside, and proceeds to steal and put on Black's vest. Not a great idea, although it distracts Black momentarily. Mendoza goes on a flurry and hits a tremendous dive to the outside. Upon return to the ring, a springboard senton hits its mark for a rare two count. Mendoza looks to finish the job with a kick, but Black catches the leg with a menacing look in his eye. He goes on a rampage of kicks, executes a springboard moonsault, and is firmly back in control. He winds up for the Black Mass to finish the job and does so to perfection.

Winner via Pin Fall: Aleister Black

- After the match, Velveteen Dream makes his exit and Black seems legitimately perturbed and more or less acknowledges Dream's presence.

- Exclusive interview with NXT Champion Drew McIntyre after the break.

- Christy St. Cloud with the interview with McIntyre. He seems humbled and happy to be the NXT Champion and calls it his dream. He says it hasn't been easy to get to this point, especially after his first run with the WWE after being signed as a blue chip prospect at the age of 21. He tells a story that he and his girlfriend moved into their first home just 4 days before getting released by WWE. They both agreed to keep going to fulfill his dream, and he's back doing it in NXT. He says one of his goals is now to inspire people. Zelina Vega interrupts the interview. She says Almas and McIntyre have a lot in common. She asks if he's been dodging Almas. Drew acknowledges she's good at her job, and reiterates he'll fight anyone, anytime, anywhere. If he really wants the match so bad, McIntyre says Almas needs to ask for it face to face.

Kassius Ohno vs. Cezar Bononi

Bononi is a physical specimen. He throws a series of rights to the veteran. Follows it up with a huge drop kick. Muay Thai knees thrown Ohno's way, and the well traveled grappler is in trouble. Another drop kick from Bononi sends Ohno outside. Cover and a two. BJJ experience is evident with Bononi. He goes to the well one too many times as he comes up empty on another drop kick and gets squashed by an Ohno senton. Ohno now on a roll as he kicks Bononi to the outside and hits a wrecking ball drop kick. Back in the ring and a huge rolling elbow to the back of the neck of Bononi ends the job.

Winner via Pin Fall: Kassius Ohno

Undisputed Era vs. SAnitY

Wolfe and Fish start us off. Wolfe moshes while Fish swims away from an attack. Wolf catches the leg and delivers a stiff forearm. Ranallo puts over the performance of Wolfe at the last TakeOver. O'Reilly tagged in as is Eric Young. SAnitY imploring traditional tag team wrestling with quick tags and debilitating offense. Dain uses his size to his advantage only to tag EY back in. O'Reilly sneaks in with a barrage of strikes and sweeps the leg of EY. Fish back in and more good tag work being shown. Fish hits a roundhouse kick but doesn't get all of it. Young flails his way to the outside for the sell as we go to break.

We're back and tag made to Adam Cole, who works over Young and continues the trend of quick tags. Fish makes a cover but only a two. They've effectively cut the ring in half, and more like a quarter in this case. Ring around the rosie should be playing as they continue the tag rotation. O'Reilly and Fish with a tandem suplex and a long two to Young. An attack comes up empty and enrages Killian Dain, who now desperately wants the tag. Young gets inches a way, but pulled back. He gets to the Beast of Belfast on his third attempt. Front drop kick and senton combo from Dain. Let's go to the pool for a splash party by Dain. The big man picks up both Fish and O'Reilly for a Samoan Drop and Fallaway Slam combo. Vader Bomb from Dain to Fish, but no cover with Fish's foot under the ropes. Action getting wild and woolly now as everyone gets involved. Cole now all alone and left with all three members of SAnitY. Dain eventually grabs him and slings him back in the ring by the hair. As SAnitY preps for their finish, Authors of Pain music hits and have their eyes on revenge.

Result: No Contest

- AOP comes in and absolutely wrecks SAnitY as Undisputed Era smartly heads up the ramp. They hit the Super Collider power bomb to leave SAnitY laying. UE looks a bit concerned from the ramp as AOP stands tall alongside Paul Ellering.


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