WWE NXT Results (10/25): High Stakes Women's Battle Royal, Almas Vs. Strong, Tino & Moss Win, More

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Tonight's episode features a women's division Battle Royal to determine the last participant in the fatal four-way match for the vacant NXT Women's Championship at NXT TakeOver: War Games. Also, will The Undisputed Era continue their quest to invite Roderick Strong into their faction?

- Mr. Regal opens the show and says Nikki Cross will get another shot to qualify for the title match in tonight's battle royal. He also says Authors of Pain will get their tag title rematches next week against SAnitY. The non-competing members of SAnitY will be banned from ringside.

- We go straight to the ring for action as Mauro Ranallo and the crew welcome us to the show.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli

Riddick Moss makes a bit of fun of the smaller Lorcan, but that was a slight misstep on his part. He is greeted with with open slaps and uppercuts. The bigger Moss then shows the power advantage by slinging Lorcan into the corner. Burch tagged in, but only shortly until Tino is tagged back in. They trade shots. Sabbatelli with a big clothesline as the crowd chants "you still suck" at poor Tino. The athletic duo showing off some solid tandem offense culminated by a Tino drop kick and near fall. He continues to work over Burch with a rear chin lock. Burch fights out but the comeback is short lived. He then slips through the fingers of both men and makes the tag to Lorcan. First it's a slap party then uppercuts. Oney gets caught by Moss and tossed into the corner via fallaway slam. Tag made to Tino. They hit their tandem finish for somewhat of a surprising win.

Winners via Pin Fall: Sabbatelli & Moss

- Recap of Nikki Cross/Taynara encounter from 2 weeks ago that helped spark Peyton Royce's win and spot in the fatal four-way in Houston. The Battle Royal match is up next.

Women's Battle Royal (Women's Championship Fatal Four-Way Qualifier)

Notable names include Candace LaRae, Billie Kay, Nikki Cross, Mercedes Martinez, Bianca Belair, Taynara, and several more.

Battle Royals are a bit of a challenge to cover, but here we go. Action splits off in a ton of directions, but Taynara is eliminated in quick order after Nikki Cross tosses her over the top rope. Cross is pulled under the bottom rope, but not eliminated. Aliyah and Borne attempt to take out Santana Garrett, but no dice. Rhea Ripley receives a forearm to be sent off the apron and out of the match. Zeda quickly follows suit and lands on Ripley as we go to break.

Sage Beckett takes out Dakota Kai as we return, but Aliyah hangs on by a whisker. Aliyah sent out shortly after. Nikki Cross makes a triumphant return with a splash on the majority of the remaining competitors. She tosses out Borne and lowers the bridge on Sage Beckett. Same fate for Abbey Laith and Santana Garrett. Martinez and Belair work together to knock Sarah Logan off the top turnbuckle. Lacey Evans and Candace LaRae go toe-to-toe, but the last leg sweep wins as Evans hits the floor. Five ladies left are Cross, Martinez, Kay, LaRae, and Belair.

Bianca Belair showing off her strength by lifting Candace LaRae over her head and depositing her into some eliminated superstars to the outside. Belair looks to get rid of Kay, but she smartly grabs the whip of a ponytail to hang on for dear life. Once back into the ring, the hair goes back to its proper role as weapon as Kay takes some welts. Kay and Cross tossed out of the ring, but not over the top. Belair lifts Martinez but Mercedes fights out and chops the EST of NXT. Martinez perches Belair on the top, hits a big boot, but Belair hangs on. They battle it out on the apron but Cross returns to eliminate both of them. Billie Kay swoops in and tosses Cross over, but she is able to keep hold on the apron. Billie Kay looks for the big boot, but misses and gets hung up in the ropes. Cross comes back in to finish the job for the victory. She's headed to War Games.

Winner: Nikki Cross

- After the match, all four participants (Sane, Moon, Cross, Royce) join Mr. Regal in the ring for a photo opp with the NXT Women's Championship.

- Drew McIntyre talks to the media as he exits the PC. As he gets into the interview, Zelina Vega interrupts and asks why Almas hasn't received his title contract yet. McIntyre says when Almas stares him eye-to-eye like Roderick Strong did, he'll agree to it. Until then, adios.

Aleister Black vs. Unknown Opponent

As Black makes his entrance, Velveteen Dream slithers in and attacks the enigmatic Black. Dream ties Black up into the ropes and demands Black to say his name. Dream with a couple disrespectful slaps. He looks to further his attack, but Black gets a boot up and loosens himself from the ropes. Black swings and misses on the Black Mass as Dream escapes a nap.

Andrade "Cien" Almas (w/ Zelina Vega) vs. Roderick Strong

Before the match, Vega takes the mic for a promo. She says they've waited a week for a contract, but nothing yet. She notes you don't become as successful as her by being a patient woman. She runs down McIntyre and accuses the champ of ducking Almas. Strong's music hits and we get underway.

Counters and reversals rule the first few exchanges. They block each others' hip toss, then Strong catches Almas for the first of sure to be many back breakers. He follows up with a loud chop that Vega even shutters at. They make their way to the apron where Almas hits a knee and slings Strong down. Almas stands tall as we go to break.

We come back to a thunderous chop by Almas. Roddy gets back up to try and return the favor, but Almas catches him in an arm bar on the rope and breaks at four and a half. Almas in firm control now, stretching out the arm and shoulder of Strong. Strong fights out and hits an arm drag that sends El Idolo to a spill through the ropes. Almas back and it's a slugfest. Leapfrog into a leaping lariat by Strong to switch momentum. Pop-up gut buster by Strong. Goes for a corner attack and Almas gets a boot up. Strong catches Almas in the ropes this time with a stretch using the ropes as leverage. Almas subtly taps but not used since ropes are involved. Strong back on the apron and slams Almas' back as he drops him onto the hardest part of the ring. Almas counters a spot with a tornado DDT and gets a near fall. Strong misses a tiger driver, lands in the corner, and gets the double knees from Almas for a two. Almas looks for the hammerlock DDT, but Strong slips out. A pair of back elbows sets up for the running knees again, but Strong pops up for a high knee of his own. Strong on fire and ends with a wrecking ball drop kick. On his way back in the ring, Zelina Vega comes out of nowhere to hit a hurricanrana on Strong that sends him into the steel steps. Almas retrieves his prey, hits the DDT, and gets the win. What a spot. Good match.

Winner via Pin Fall: Andrade "Cien" Almas

- After the match, Almas and Vega head to the announce table and grab a mic. Vega says Almas will meet McIntyre face-to-face next week to see if Drew is a man of his word.

- As Strong recovers, Undisputed Era make their way to the ring to potentially console their former ROH cohort. They invite Strong to the faction once again and offer him the logo arm band. Strong takes it, thinks about it, and holds on to the band for the moment. The plot thickens as we head off the air.


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