WWE Star Gets New Entrance Music?, Seth Rollins And Dean Ambrose Send Message To Kurt Angle, Rusev

- Above is the first round Madden tournament match-up between AJ Styles (Falcons) and Rusev (Patriots). Styles came in second in last year's tournament, while Rusev is still very new to Madden. Styles had some issues early on with Rusev's playing style, but he ended winning the game 28-10.

- Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose commented on how much they were looking forward to tomorrow's main event, but with Roman Reigns out, they're now relying on Kurt Angle to step up. Ambrose told the Raw GM to get ready because he's coming to a war zone.

"Strap up your boots tight, Kurt!" Ambrose hollered. "Alright? Because you're going to be in a war zone, and since you're still GM, why don't you put another five more guys on their team? Because at this point, we just don't give a damn. We're going to go out on our shields. This Sunday, at TLC, it's do or die."

- The WWE SmackDown roster is currently touring overseas in South America and it sounds like Tamina has some new entrance music. Below you can hear the updated music and what she came out to previously.


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