WWE Won't Allow Brock Lesnar To Fight In UFC Again While Under Contract?

As rumors continue to fly that UFC fighters Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey will soon cross over into the WWE, it seems like the WWE isn't interested in allowing one of its stars to take a break from the ring to go into the octagon. UFC president Dana White recently appeared on The Dan LeBatard Show and said he doesn't believe the WWE would allow Brock Lesnar to fight in the UFC again while he's under contract.

"Lesnar was still under contract with WWE till next August," White said. "Who knows what would have happened. I don't count my chickens anymore, I'll tell you that."

It should be noted that Lesnar's WWE contract is actually expected to expire in April after WrestleMania 34.

The WWE allowed Lesnar to fight at UFC 200 in July 2016. But Lesnar tested positive for a banned substance after the fight, resulting in a one-year suspension. It was a bad look for the WWE, so it's likely they won't be interested in putting themselves in a situation like that again.

"They didn't want to do that again," White said. "You saw what happened last time he was under contract and it doesn't look good for anybody."

Lesnar, the current WWE Universal Champion, has said he's retired from Mixed Martial Arts, but over the summer there was speculation that he'd fight against Jon Jones. Jones had won the light heavyweight championship in July, but he tested positive for a banned substance and was forced to relinquish his title, basically putting an end to the notion of a fight with Lesnar.

Source: MMA Weekly


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