Alberto El Patron On Eli Drake Ripping Him After His Suspension, Impact Moving To Canada owner Raj Giri was on a conference call last week with former Impact Wrestling champion Alberto El Patron. Giri asked El Patron about current Impact world champion Eli Drake's comments about his suspension.


El Patron was suspended on July 12 due to a personal domestic violence issue with his fiancee Paige and was subsequently stripped him of his title on August 14. Drake won the championship on the August 24 episode of Impact Wrestling, winning a 20-man gauntlet match to claim the vacant title. In the wake of El Patron's suspension, Drake said he didn't know whether Impact should bring him back and felt the company would be fine without him.

El Patron said he hadn't heard Drake's comments, nor does he care what he said. He knows he will eventually meet Drake in the ring, and that's when he plans to prove that he's the better champion. He even went as far to say Drake is not a real champion because of how he won the title.


"To be honest, I don't know anything about what Eli said after my suspension, which everyone knows was a wrongful suspension. I don't really know, but whatever Eli said, he's gonna have to back it up in the ring. He had the opportunity to be in the ring with me once, I took him to school, I taught him a lesson, and I think he had an amazing match for the first time in his life but it was because he was in the ring with Alberto El Patron," he said. "So whatever he said in the ring after my suspension, I don't really care, because as you know, if I ever open my mouth I always back it up in the ring or in the streets or anywhere I have to back it up. I'm gonna have the opportunity to be in the ring with him pretty soon.

"The difference between him and I," he continued. "I earned that title, I fought for that title against one of the best performers in the world Bobby Lashley, and I won that title after hitting the 1-2-3 from the referee. He got it handed [to him], it was a present, it was an early Christmas present for Eli Drake. He's not a real champion, real champions get their titles and get their victories in the battle."

Giri also asked El Patron about his thoughts on Impact moving to Canada for its next set of TV tapings and for its Bound For Glory pay-per-view, which El Patron made his return at last Sunday. El Patron said he thinks it's a great move by the company and hopes to see Impact travel to more places instead of staying in Orlando.


"To me it's fantastic. To be honest, when I joined Impact Wrestling I never understood why we were just doing it in Orlando. We need to go to other places, we need to give the opportunity to other people to see what Impact Wrestling has to offer," he said. "So to me it's fantastic that we're not doing the tapings this time in Orlando and we are here in Canada, in this beautiful country. Of course the weather sucks, because it's too cold out here (laughs). But the country is beautiful, I had the opportunity to perform in Canada so many times in the past and I know how passionate and how crazy the fans get when they get good pro-wrestling, and I'm 100 percent sure that's exactly how it's gonna be in the next few days. I hope the next time we get to do the tapings in Mexico!"