Alberto El Patron On Jeff Jarrett Leaving Impact, How To Make Impact Wrestling Relevant Again owner Raj Giri was on a conference call this past weekend with Alberto El Patron, who made his return to Impact Wrestling on Sunday night at Bound For Glory. Giri asked El Patron about Jeff Jarrett being let go from Impact.


Last month, Impact announced it would be ending its business relationship with Jarrett. Details later emerged about an incident involving Jarrett at an indy show in Calgary in which he didn't appear to be in condition to perform when he wrestled in the main event, causing some of the people in attendance to walk out early.

El Patron said he understands why the company had to let Jarrett go, but he did consider Jarrett a friend and does miss him. He believes Jarrett helped create some great storylines for him that made him feel reinvigorated when he joined Impact.

"It's too bad that we don't have a good person, a good friend like Jeff Jarrett. He was someone that supported me in the company from the beginning. He was writing some amazing things for me, that amazing story between my family and LAX is one of the storylines that I enjoyed the most in my career since I came to North America," El Patron said. "He was the one, also with John (Gaburick) and of course many other people in the company, that came up with that fantastic idea. It's too bad that we don't have him again, but of course the business, the company has to move on, go on, and now we're here in Canada with other people in charge with the same energy, with the same great ideas. And I know with all the new faces in the company, the Mexican wrestlers, the established wrestlers from Impact, and with Alberto El Patron coming back to Impact we're gonna be doing amazing things and we're gonna be taking this company to the place where it deserves to be."


El Patron was also asked about the task of making Impact relevant again in the current state of wrestling where there are so many promotions for fans to choose from. He said he believes he is part of a very talented roster that is going to put on great performances to attract fans.

"Well number-one, Alberto is back! People are going to start watching again (laughs). We have an amazing team of wrestlers working together in Impact Wrestling to make this company what this company deserves to be, to make this company relevant again. And I know with the help of all those wrestlers, the new talent from Mexico, El Patron back in Impact Wrestling, we're gonna put on amazing shows every single night," he said. "We're gonna have amazing TV tapings in the next few days, and people are gonna turn around and they're gonna turn their TVs on again to watch Impact Wrestling every week. And I promise you this, and you'll see it, in the moment they announce that Alberto is gonna be there, he's gonna be facing Bobby (Lashley) or Eli Drake or any other wrestlers on the roster, they're gonna turn on their TV just to watch it."

El Patron added that he is energized and excited to return because he feels like he has something to prove. He plans on working his way back to the Impact world title and will make it his duty to take Impact to new heights.


"And just like I did before, I'm gonna give them everything I have. Everyone was talking about how happy I looked, how fresh, how different I looked when I was working for Impact Wrestling before the suspension," he said. "I'm the same guy, I'm excited, I feel like a rookie, I feel like a young guy coming into this company again because I have something to prove. What do I have to prove? That that title belongs to me, that this is my company, that I'm gonna die in that ring to make this company big again."