Austin Aries Responds To Fan Incident Claiming He Was Abusive And Rude

Austin Aries responded to a claim from a fan who posted on Facebook that Aries was rude and abusive at an airport. The fan stated that they approached Aries with some friends and asked for a photo with Aries, who started "abusing us saying why didn't we pay at the show."

"WHO THE F__K IS AUSTIN ARIES?!!! After what happened this morning, you've lost a true fan who's been supporting you since Day 1," the fan wrote on Facebook. "I can't believe you think my friends & I aren't supporters just because we asked nicely for a photo at the airport & you start abusing us saying why didn't we pay at the show plus on top of that, you tried to get us kicked out of Qantas but lucky the amazing staff defended us saying we're doing nothing wrong.

"We pay YOUR salary, YOUR tickets, put food on YOUR table & make you who YOU are today

"Be f--king grateful you've got fans coming to the airport, wanting your photo/autograph, don't be all greedy/money hungry thinking you're f--king king s--t lol"

Aries responded on Twitter, stating that the fans didn't pay at the show and then stalked him at the airport wanting free pictures, as seen below:


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