Backstage News On The Recent "Under Siege" Angle On RAW, Payback Invasion To Happen On SmackDown?

The "Under Siege" angle with the SmackDown Superstars invading RAW back on October 23rd was mostly filmed during that afternoon before RAW hit the air, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The decision was made to shoot the angle ahead of time to make sure it looked violent enough. There were scenes that were edited out as officials felt they didn't look enough like a fight.


Regarding the payback invasion angle, that couldn't be done this week because the RAW roster had to fly out to Glasgow, Scotland before SmackDown on Tuesday night. No word yet on if they plan on having RAW invade SmackDown this week in England as the RAW roster has a live event on Tuesday, November 7th in Birmingham at the same time SmackDown will be taping in Manchester. There are 87 miles in between Birmingham and Manchester so it's possible that they tape the invasion that afternoon before the live event is to begin. The next chance would be on the November 14th episode, which airs live from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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