Backstage News On Why WWE Is Cutting Down The Number Of Pay-Per-Views In 2018

As noted, WWE is cutting down the number of pay-per-views in 2018. WWE will be doing 14 pay-per-views in 2018, as opposed to 16 that they did this year. WWE will run 5 RAW brand events, 4 SmackDown events and 5 co-branded events. Money In The Bank will become a co-branded event, although it's not known if RAW and SmackDown will have separate Money In The Bank matches, or if those matches will feature talent from both brands.

In 2018, the only months that will feature two pay-per-views are May and September. This year, April, June, July and October all featured two pay-per-views.

Dave Meltzer noted in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE made the decision to cut back the number of shows based on network numbers. It was noted that Network subscription patterns didn't change after they increased the number of shows. So while Network revenue didn't increase, WWE was adding the expense of the additional shows, although they are offset a little by the higher ticket prices and better attendance for them.

It was also noted that the interest level in the "B" pay-per-view events, especially for SmackDown shows, wasn't that strong.

Below is the WWE pay-per-view schedule for 2018:

* January 28th, Philadelphia: Royal Rumble

* February 25th, Las Vegas: Elimination Chamber (RAW)

* March 11th, Columbus, OH: Fast Lane (SmackDown)

* April 8th, New Orleans: WrestleMania 34

* May 6th, Newark, NJ: Backlash (RAW)

* May 27th, Baltimore: Payback (SmackDown)

* June 17th, Chicago: Money In the Bank

* July 15th, Pittsburgh: Battleground (RAW)

* August 19th, Brooklyn: SummerSlam

* September 16th, San Antonio: Extreme Rules (RAW)

* September 30th, Nashville: Hell In a Cell (SmackDown)

* October 21st, Boston: TLC (RAW)

* November 18th, Los Angeles: Survivor Series

* December 16th, San Jose: Clash of Champions (SmackDown)

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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